Friday, December 30, 2011

Nintendo Direct Show

I just found a video of the whole Nintendo Direct show. However it is in Japanese but there is a CC button on the video so whatever language you understand it will translate the Japanese language. Here is the steps to do so. Click the CC button and then click transcribe audio, and then transcribe captions and then select your language. Here is the video.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Site chat in 1 hour

Well this I believe is the last site chat of the year so we can talk about the past year and future plans for the site among other things. Can't wait to talk to all of you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Nintendo holding another Nintendo Direct broadcast

Well later today there will be a Nintendo Direct broadcast in Japan time on December 27th at Noon which translates to December 26th 10pm EST for the east coast of the United States. There is the main page and there is links to the Ustream and Nico Video links in the bottom left hand corner of the page. I will probably be in the chat during the broadcast giving my reactions.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope that you and yours are having a joyful holiday. Stay warm and cozy out there.

And remember folks, Santa Claus is real. I don't mean the one who flies around the world and delivers presents to everyone in one night, that's a crock. Santa is anyone who thinks of another before themselves, and goes through the effort to find the perfect gift. I'm sure that each of us knows at least one Santa: all you have to do is believe.

Testing News and Feature boarders.

Insignificant to some I'm guessing, but I think I've finally created boarders I really like, and I think I am finally done. I think the style goes very well with the main site logo up above.

Friday, December 23, 2011

~~~NinTemple GOTY Awards 2011~~~

You've speculated over it, you've racked your brains, and now - finally - it's here! The NinTemple GOTY Awards for 2011!

Remember, I do the awards based on games I played for the first time in 2011. It just makes more sense that way. So, some notable games I have not yet played as of 2011 include Lost in Shadow, Epic Mickey, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby Returns to Dreamland, Sin & Punishment 2, Fragile Dreams, Bit.Trip Complete, Ivy the Kiwi, Prof Layton: Last Spectre, Kirby Mass Attack, and... probably many others I'm forgetting.

Let it begiiiin!

Another Code R
Amazingly, 2011 has marked a return of the point and click adventure game for me. Thanks to soft-modding my Wii for Xenoblade purposes (which I now won't have to use), I was able to import/play Another Code R. The sequel to the awesome DS game did a great job expanding on the events of the first. One indication that a game has a good narrative is that things get more and more intriguing as the game unfolds. What starts as a curious visit to her father's research site gradually uncovers fiendish plots and life or death situations! Well done, Cing, you'll be missed!
Honorable Mentions: Okami, Prof Layton: Unwound Future

Horizon Riders
For years I've thought someone needed to make an action game using the Balance Board. Finally, Horizon Riders got its shmups in my full-body, mildly-health-inducing motion control.
Honorable Mentions: Okami, Puzzle Quest 2

Donkey Kong Country Returns
You try getting 100% in that game without having that CCPro hack. I did it, and I gotta say, it felt great. It was challenging but almost never frustrating. You did it again, Retro! Can't see what else ya got up your sleeve!
Honorable Mentions: Horizon Riders, Pokemon White

Sonic Colors
Another third party takes the Wii hardware seriously? Well, I guess once or twice a year is a start. Sonic Colors lives up to its name in a good way. It shows that games can use every color in the crayon box, look crisp, and pretty all at the same time. Finally, SEGA made a Sonic game everyone color fall in love with again... even though everyone promptly forgot that when Generations came out. =P
Honorable Mentions: Okami, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Conduit 2
Amazing how being able to customize every little thing and IR pointers gives top-notch FPS controls.
Honorable Mentions: Ghostbusters, Okamiden, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Obviously the drawing mechanics and the pointer controls are all brilliant. However, the fatal flaw in Okami is that they made too many brush techniques too similar. Want to bloom a tree? Too bad, you brought out the Sun. Or, at least the game thinks you did, and thus bloom still won't work 89% of the time you try to use it (more or less). I think I cast that Thunderstorm technique twice in the entire game. Not good enough, Capcom!
Honorable Mentions: Starfox Command, DKCR

2P Co-op, third-person action with pointer-shooting, and you don't have to stay five virtual feet away from each other. That's some bad-ass multiplayer, Atari.
Honorable Mentions: DKCR, Conduit 2

Pokemon White
The game is absolutely stellar in 100 ways. However, I was really hoping this would be the PKMN that finally got the multiplayer right. Some kind of MMO aspects or at least some good online co-op. But no, the online has no meaningful co-op and the competitive multiplayer has no penalty for rage-quitters. NO. PENALTY. FOR. RAGE-QUITTERS. And believe me, online Pokemon fans the world over are, apparently, sore losers.
Honorable Mentions: Conduit 2, Monster Tale

===MOST "FUN"===
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Brilliant platforming, brilliant co-op and intense "set piece" moments made this game a thoroughly enjoyable romp and a triumphant comeback for our favorite tie-wearing ape.
Honorable Mentions: Sonic Colors, Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Honestly, it was a close call with Sonic Colors. But DKCR just felt more polished and richer in content. The lack of CCPro support was a diabolical and utterly moronic decision, however, one mistake can't hold back this powerhouse of a game. Congrats, Kong, this year you're ... top banana. waka waka waka!!
Honorable Mentions: Sonic Colors, Prof Layton: Unwound Future

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Site chat now

Well it is that time again. Site chat time! Only a few more days till Christmas and then after that is the end of the year. Tonight's chat's topics are but are not limited to. Thoughts on 2011 in general? What is the next community backlog game we all want to work on together? What is next for the site for the new year?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance for North America and Europe announced.

There is the first trailer for it if I find an english trailer I will replace this one with it. Here is some details for the game from the press release. Story King Mickey and Yen Sid prepare for an impending threat by putting Sora and Riku through the Mark of Mastery exam. Sora and Riku are sent into the Sleeping Worlds, where they will face enemies and allies that have never been seen before. If they can successfully complete the task they are given, they will be deemed true Keyblade Masters. Features • Dual protagonists – Play as the two most popular characters of the franchise, Sora and Riku. • “Free-flow” action – Enjoy fast and effortless movements while interacting with the environment and performing acrobatic attacks. • Brand-new creatures –Dream Eaters inhabit the Sleeping Worlds, and are split into two categories: Spirits and Nightmares. Recruit over 50 different types of Spirits as allies to fight alongside Sora and Riku. • New Disney worlds –Beloved Disney worlds and characters, such as La Cité des Cloches (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), make their series debut. • Story progression – With updated looks for Sora and Riku, and the impending conflict made clear, this title is a big step forward in the series. Here is some Links to some of the games social sites. Follow KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] on Twitter®: @KH_Official_NA

Monday, December 19, 2011

Xenoblade Chronicles is now avalable for preorder on Nintendo's online store

Well right now Xenoblade Chronicles is avalable for preorder on Nintendo's online store now. Here is the link the the page
 Nintendo store Xenoblade preorder

The game will come out on April 2nd 2012 in America While we are waiting for the release of Xenoblade Chronicles it would be a good idea to get involved with Operation Rainfall so that we can get The Last Story and Pandora's Tower here in the west. Here is the link to their page. 
OPRainfall site

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Site chat right now

Well Christmas is nearing but I think there is one major thing that I think that is actually important to talk about. It is the SOPA and Protect IP act. I put a link to a video explaining it in the site chat so you can get up to date on it. This isn't the first time it has been gone up for vote. I think this may be the 3rd time going up for vote. Anyway this is actually pretty important for the whole internet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Site Chat in 30

See ya there!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 20th Anniversary of the SNES - Final

Whoops! I forgot to post the final part of this last month! Oh well, I guess I still will, in case anyone is still paying attention.

Chrono Trigger
Anyone with an interest in RPGs has surely heard of this game, which is largely considered to be the finest RPG created in the 16-bit generation. Although it certainly contains a well-told story and interesting battle system, the music is the one aspect which I believe propelled it into the running of Best RPG Ever. Each tune was composed with such care rarely seen in gaming, each piece captures the mood of every moment with striking emotion. The adventure, the hope, the pain, the triumph... every scene is driven in perfect harmony of the soundtrack.

The Millennium Fair
A fair that comes only once every thousand years needs to have a suitably monumental tune accompanying it, and this one doesn't disappoint. It's a shame the fair isn't an area of the game where a lot of time is spent, although that is also a testament to the effort behind the game's soundtrack.

The Black Omen
With a name as ominous as The Black Omen, I expected something a little more dramatic. The piece starts with an eerie plink, then moves into a somewhat jazzy sequence with a piano. It's a weird mix of styles, but it somehow fits the setting quite well.

R-66Y's Theme
Despite meeting this friendly robot in a desolate future, this theme song is particularly upbeat. Its uplifting melody is inspiring to continue the long road ahead, instilling hope that this future can be prevented. The rhythmic beat even sounds like a robot stomping the ground, giving an image of a whole robot ensemble dancing to the music. For some reason, this one reminds me of disco, even though I don't think it uses instruments typically associated with disco. Maybe it has something to do with R-66Y's attack involving lasers...

Spekkio's Theme
The self-proclaimed Master of War, Spekkio is a strange creature with an interesting motto: you're only as strong as you think your opponent looks. Spekkio is one of the few living beings who remain at the End of Time, and he's there to provide the party with practice bouts to test their strength. The tune's cheerful flute melody and lively tempo may seem out of place for a battle theme, but it captures the radical nature of Spekkio.

The Magic Kingdom
This is the one. The track that has been engrained in my mind almost my entire life. I don't exactly know what it is about it that makes it so pleasant to my ears; it's certainly an apt piece for the kingdom of magic, as it contains a magical quality. The drums provide the perfect rhythm for the sitar to follow, and the opening echo of the gamelan still gives me chills to this day. If there were only one tune I found infinitely listenable, this is it, the track that I could make my theme song for entering a room and never get tired of listening to it.

Honourable Mentions
As a system with many memorable soundtracks, it wasn't easy choosing just five, as evidenced by the fact that I picked six. There were still many more in consideration, some of which still deserve a mention.
DooM – This port may be rough, but surprisingly enough, the music is actually an improvement over the PC version.
Earthbound – Though Earthbound's whimsical soundtrack is unique, its quirkiness makes it the kind of music that works only when actually playing the game.
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – An RPG designed for those new to the genre, the game itself is rather boring. Despite this, its soundtrack is expertly done, with inspiring pieces, energetic battle themes, and upbeat melodies.
Super Metroid – Its moody tunes set the tone of each area perfectly, but it's missing the spark that makes a piece infinitely listenable.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST today.

Big news this week was Xenoblade being confirmed for North America. Maybe we can talk about that in the chat.

Also on a personal note I don't think I will be in the chat. For the 2nd time in the past few days I am sick again and will likely be at the doctor to see what is up. This has been an ongoing thing this year and I have the same symptoms every time.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Xenoblade Chronicles confirmed for North America!

Well I wasn't feeling well today but I went to sleep and I woke up to this awesome news. Here is the details currently. It will be avalable in 3 places currently. Your local Gamestop, Gamestop's online store, and Nintendo's online store. You can go over to Gamestop right now and preorder the game from them. I suspect that is the same for their online store. Starting on December 19th 2011 you can start preordering from Nintendo's online store.
Here is the press release from Nintendo confirming this news.

It’s man vs. machine in a new game coming to Nintendo’s Wii™ console in spring. Xenoblade Chronicles™ asks players to use the Monado blade to take on a seemingly endless series of invading Mechon robots in a sweeping role-playing adventure.

The main character is Shulk, a weapons researcher who must confront the Mechon by wielding the ancient Monado blade. It’s the only weapon that has any effect against the Mechon, and it also enables Shulk to see the future.

Players can customize their characters with a variety of weapons and armor choices, as well as headgear, boots and gloves. As in many role-playing games, players can then gain experience and upgrade their characters. Players can watch their enemies, learn their tactics and unleash real-time counterattacks.

The vast open world of Xenoblade Chronicles is ripe for exploration. Players can avert their focus from the main story and venture out looking for other challenges and side quests. Hidden areas and unique monsters are scattered throughout the game’s massive world, which players can explore freely.

Xenoblade Chronicles has already launched in Japan and Europe, and has received unanimously positive reviews, including several perfect scores.

Xenoblade Chronicles will be available exclusively through U.S. GameStop retail locations, and at a suggested retail price of $49.99 in the United States. Additional information about the game will be announced in the future. For more information, visit the XenobladeChronicles site

Here is the North American debut Trailer.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Site Chat tonight @ 8PM EST

It's Wednesday. Let's chat about it!

Tonight's topics include, but are not  limited to:
1. How's Okami coming? Today's the last day of November. Did you beat it? (Hint: I did not!)
2. Get any game stuff for yourself now that Holiday shopping has begun?
3. What ever happened to Supa? Was he real or just our imagination?
4. Mario, Zelda and the 3DS are flying off the shelves.  How will this affect Nintendo's eminent doom?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST today.

Well in about 2 hours the site chat is going to happen. Few great things happened this week. The NBA season is back on tentatively starting on Christmas. This is the second time that the NBA has been locked out. Back in 1999 was the first time. I am still working through Skyward Sword while taking my time. Also curious about how everyone's backlog is coming along.

Anyway site chat will be in 2 hours so I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST today.

Site chat is today in about an hour and 45 minutes. I have been playing Skyward Sword alot since its release and have lots to talk about with the title.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skyward Sword hunts and chat today.

Well I managed to grab a copy of Skyward Sword while at Target today and got some Double A batteries. I arrived just as the store was opening. I know our international friends got it a few days ago and if you did pick it up how do you like it so far with out delving into spoilers?

Also it just so happens that today is site chat so maybe we can talk about Zelda in the chat based on what everyone has played. I will be in the site chat today but in the meantime I will play some Zelda till 3pm PST

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not Far From the Tree

Was watching some football with my dad today.  The Jonah Hill ad for Modern Warfare 3 came on TV.  The ad, of course, concludes with "rated M for mature."  To which my dad replied, "should be rated I for immature."

Now, I can count on one hand the number of times I've talked gaming with my father.  But, seeing as he has spent a career in, and teaching about, the advertising industry, it was neat to see that our views on gaming apparently run in the family. =P

Is the FPS era over yet? (see: platformers > fighting games > RPGs)

Okami = wolf

Spent the last 4 hours playing Okami with a friend who spent 26 of his 33 years of life in Japan.

... enlightening...

oh btw, he wants to buy a Wii now =P

I would love to discuss it at Sunday's site chat but I will be out of town until Monday =\

Have fun while I'm gone and I'll see you all Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it Wednesday? Is it almost 8PM EST?

Yea? Then I guess it's just about time for a SITE CHAT!

You know the drill.  Just gonna kick it gamer-style with some flame free discussion.

Tonight's topics include (but are not limited to) :

===NinTemple Backloggery Anonymous
Does NinSage love Okami? hate it? or both??

===Import-ant games
Are we getting MH3G? Do we want it? Does the recent removal of Monado from mean the OpRainfall games are closer or further from localization?

===Cloud Gaming
Could it ever truly replace the current model?
Will the Wii U be left behind if Sony/MS opt for "cloud" gaming in the future?

===The Many Loves of Supa J. Kirbington
Has our young hero found his future Mrs. Kirbington? What about the rest of you? As Valentine's Day Thanksgiving approaches, are there any special someones you're thinking about?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Site Chat @ 6PM EST

Site Chat tonight at 6PM EST.

Tonight's topics:
-Game culture surrounding Nintendo is reaching an all-time low.  Part of my is convinced a Sage/Supa podcast must be started to combat the insanity.
The other part of me is quite sure no one but our small audience would ever hear the podcasts and thus, it would not be worth my degree-delaying time.
-Holiday wishlists/shopping lists.
-The $50 price tag on RE: Revelations.

See you there!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 20th Anniversary of the SNES - Part 4

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Despite its groan-inducing pun of a subtitle, this game was a great sequel that is not only better than its predecessor, but stands strong as one of the most well-crafted games of the generation. Not unlike the rest of the game, the music is excellent, and often fits the environments presented quite well. Many tunes also have an interesting dynamic between two main instruments, which is perhaps a metaphor for the game's two friends, Diddy and Dixie. I don't think I could pick a favourite, as there are several from it which stand out.

Mainbrace Mayhem
Although one of the shortest tracks in the game, this one makes me want to be a pirate. I don't even like pirates! The tune starts off with wind and rain sound effects, weather presented in the stage which appears to in fact be a part of the music track, but it still works. The upbeat, jaunty melody almost sounds like words could be sung with it as the grunts clean the deck, and the percussion present sounds as if it's being created by banging on barrels or pieces of wood found on a ship.

Hot Head Hop
Another one with environment noises present, though the bubbling of the lava doesn't prove distracting given the beat and tone of this one. Hop to the beat and bop to the rhythm, drop if you're slow, don't stop till you get across them. Hey, that almost sounded like a rap.

Mining Melancholy
This time, percussion is created using what sounds like tools found in a mine, using the environment in the rhythm rather than as ambiance. Metal banging against metal comprises the beat of this tune, which sets the tone and pace of the mine stages perfectly. A little bit in, it gets melodic for a moment before returning to the beat. The second time it comes around to the melody, the instrument used makes me think of the workers humming along as they continue their daily grind.

Ghostly Grove
Providing a balance of mystery and eerie, this tune uses a flute and tribal drums to set the mood. Moving towards the end, things begin to get a little more upbeat, and a little more melody is added, as if you're close to reaching the edge of this spooky place. But then it loops, and the haunting echos are heard once more...

Bramble Blast
This tune has perhaps become the most famous tune from the game, in part due to a remix present in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but it is for good reason. The different sounds in this one may first appear as if they don't belong together, but soon mix in a uniquely harmonious way, providing a somewhat calm tone for what is usually a frantic stage. As for the SSBBrawl Remix, I find that its changes to the notes and tempo of the piece destroy its uniqueness and mood.

Only one more game to go! You can probably guess what it is...

Site chat happening now.

Hey everyone I am in the chat right now and awaiting others to join me. I guess we can talk about our progress thus far in our backlog of games. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's backloggery game

Well November 1st has come so that means we will start on our backlog of games. Most of us have Okami Wii to finish so some of us will be working on that. Some others have some PC games to finish and others may have 360 and PS3 games to finish.

How many games do you have on your backlog and what caused this backlog to happen? What games do you have on your backlog?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Site chat 6 PM EST tonight

In about 1 hour we will have the final chat of the month of October. Also starting on November 1st we will start finishing up our backlog of games we need to finish. Okami Wii is what most of us will be working on while others may be working on their own backlogs. Anyway with Halloween happening tomorrow maybe we can chat about that in the chat tonight.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey let's have a site chat tonight, eh?  I'll see you there in a few hours!

Tonight's topics include:
-games for Halloween
-Holiday wishlists
-the many loves of Supa F. Kirb

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Site chat 6 PM EST tonight

In about 30 minutes there will be site chat.
Hope we can have some more people chatting tonight.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 20th Anniversary of the SNES - Part 3

Final Fantasy II & III
Due to re-releases of the titles receiving their proper numbering, these two game are more commonly known as Final Fantasy IV & VI, respectively. I'm probably cheating by combining both games as one entry, though it is because I don't find either soundtrack to be particularly amazing as a whole. However, both games have several standouts and deserve to be included, even if it takes both to create one full entry. Plus, my friend would scold me harshly if I did not include Final Fantasy III in this article.

Out in the Field – Final Fantasy II
With a nice and mellow pace, this theme represents the vast landmasses the heroes will soon travel across. It may seem a little laid back to embody an adventurous spirit, but it's a long journey out there, and slow and steady does it. There is also another version of this theme in the subterranean area of the game, set at a lightly slower tempo and with a bit of a jazzy bass, which is also an excellent piece..

Jaunt on the Moon – Final Fantasy II
Deep in the core of the moon, where a great evil lurks, this tune is all that's to be heard as the party trek ever closer to the center. Rather than taking a foreboding approach, this trumpet melody is instead inspiring, pushing you onward into the final confrontation. Soon, an unavoidable epic battle will commence, inching closer with each step.

Field/Terra's Theme – Final Fantasy III
This is a piece that's hard to describe, as it works on many levels, but I'll give it my best. Normally, I would prefer a more relaxed field theme, but this one represents more than just a sprawling adventure across unknown lands. It also encompasses the soul-searching journey of the game's protagonist, Terra, who doesn't appear to fit in anywhere. The flute in the first part is her spirit, pushing forward, and the brass in the second part is her hope, never dwindling.

Doma Castle/Cyan's Theme – Final Fantasy III
One step into this empty castle, and one listen, is all it takes to realize what had happened. Slow in tempo, the flute and the drums convey the lifeless castle, its people killed off in a great tragedy. A lone survivor is all that remains, with nothing left but revenge. Farther into the piece, the segment with the brass and strings gives hope that he will prevail, ensuring that no one else will feel his pain.

The next game may or may not be surprising! But probably not.

Site Chat/Game Night @ 8PM EST!

Mario Kart DS game night is here!! Luigi and his Poltergust 4000 will see you in a few hours for the night's site chat as well as some dual-screened racing action!

Let's-a go!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News: Capcom Announces Monster Hunter 3G's No Online Play

Source: GamePro

In an announcement that would be great as an April fools joke, Capcom has announced that the latest Monster Hunter adventure, Monster Hunter 3G, will not, (and I strongly emphasize the "not" part of this report) have online co-op capabilities. Sadly however we are not in April, and Capcom doesn't appear to be joking.

Yes it is indeed true. But as far having no online whatsoever, that's a different story. Capcom has confirmed that there will be content to download via the 3DS's online functionality. Of course that seems like a given nowadays for 3DS games, with developers making use of its SpotPass support.

Monster Hunter 3G is currently a Japan exclusive, but with this announcement of no online play, it is very possible that the chances of this selling or even releasing outside Japan have become extremely low. From someone who hasn't really played the series myself, I can't really determine how this decision by Capcom will effect the games overall quality. I do know however, thanks to my friends on this website, that part of  this series's appeal is the ability to play along and complete quests with friends. So with no online play, I find that particular enjoyment may be tampered with.

Monster Hunter 3G will be available in Japan come December, and will support the Nintendo Slide-Pad add-on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nintemple Backloggery Anonymous

Hey everyone in the chat last night we were talking about our backlog of games and have been doing so for a few weeks now and well we plan on finishing up our backlogs before the next generation of consoles come out. I posted a topic on the forums in the games section of the forum. So if you have a backlog of games you need to finish and want to finish it with the community here stop by the topic. Most likely we will be doing it like this. If people have a game that is common with someone else then we will likely be finishing up those games first and then move on to any games that are left over.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Site chat 6 PM EST tonight

Hey everyone site chat will be happening in about an 20 minutes for today. New York ComicCon I believe is still going on and there was some news revealed there. I'll see if I can find some to talk about in the chat.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 20th Anniversary of the SNES - Part 2

The second game of my feature is a little obscure.


A little-known mech battling game which is practically unheard of, and so are its tunes. This one has some of the highest-quality synth I've heard in any Super NES game, which is a part of what makes the soundtrack special. It's also one of the only SNES games I know of with surround sound. The music does a good job of getting me pumped for the action, or it would if this weren't an awful game. Maybe that's being harsh, as it was an early 3D game and those just don't hold up. Sadly, the music is the only remarkable thing about this game, especially today.


With a light and airy tone, the music that plays during the training stage is bordering on relaxing. As this is basically a drill where you learn the controls and capabilities of the mech, there is no real danger here. It's like the calm before the storm, and the music does a good job portraying that.


Whereas the first stage in the game simply has the mech drifting through space on a set path so all you can do is point and shoot, this second stage is the first one to give you complete control. Similarly, the music picks up here as well. The techno-style beat gets you ready to rock, and the instrumentation here not only captures the feeling of your first step onto an alien world, but also the coldness of the ice planet Cryston. Too bad the action to be found doesn't compare.


This stage has the mech racing to the other end of the planet before time runs out, so the music is fast-paced and energetic to keep you moving. It's a fun idea in concept, but this is unfortunately the stage where the poor jump mechanic really sticks out. When you jump, the camera stays in place briefly as the mech bounds forward, then catches up with it as begins to land, so it is hard to make corrections in mid-air. Add in that there are no checkpoints so a mistake means starting over, and it's just not fun. It's a shame, because the music makes it sound like what's happening should be exciting.


As the final stage in the game, the generally expected tone of the music would be something dramatic. This game takes a different approach, having an almost uplifting piece with a melody centered around a (synth) piano and strings. It gives the feeling that you're almost there, just one more challenge to overcome, and then peace will return to the civilized galaxy. Or it would return, if the stage weren't so long and filled with enemies impossible to dodge without some sort of evasive maneuver. If only this game's awesome soundtrack were indicative of the game itself...

You'll have heard of next entry's game, I promise!

Site Chat @ 8PM tonight!

Topics for this week's site chat include:

-Horizon Riders: how to play it so it's good & how they should have made it in the first place.
-my first encounter with Nintendo Customer Service: friendly and effective!
-Game culture: satisfaction in unsatisfaction.

See you there!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The 20th Anniversary of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

As many of you are likely aware, this past August marked the 20th anniversary of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Like the uninspired, impressionable blogger I am, following in the footsteps of every other website, I feel this one needs at least one post about this monumental console of gaming history. However, where most articles list off their most favourite or influential games, I'm instead going to talk about the aspect of the system which left the biggest impression on me: the symphonic melodies produced by its seemingly meager 16-bit MIDI.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Not only did Super Mario RPG mix two seemingly incompatible genres together, it also managed to create some new and interesting music that still fits into the whimsical world of Mario. With a history as long and varied as Mario, that isn't an easy thing to accomplish. Here are a few of my favoute tunes from this game.

Mario's Theme

This is probably one of the earliest remixes of Mario's famous theme to exist, and it's a good one. It's always nice hearing a familiar theme composed with different instruments, and the flute suits this one. It even mixes in the World 1 theme from Super Mario Brothers 3 as the accompaniment.

Mushroom Way

This could be considered the “normal stage” music of the bunch. This symphony of flutes, xylophones, and bass is as energetic and bouncy as Mario himself, so it fits well as a sort of theme song for the game.

Battle Theme

Maybe it's just because this is the theme played the most throughout the game, but I actually liked this one. At first, the lack of drama in the piece may seem like an odd choice, but this is a Mario game. The more upbeat tone fits Mario's lighthearted personality, a person who can still goof off and enjoy himself even in the face of danger.

Smithy's Henchmen Theme

Kind of funny how a Mario game has some of the best battle music, but it is so. It captures the mischievous antics of the Smithy gang quite well. This one has some impressive bass to it, especially for an SNES game; cranking it up is enough to shake my whole place.

Tune in next time for another game!

Site Chat @ 6PM EST tonight!

Howdy, all!

Today is Sunday.  That means SITE CHAT!

Unfortunately (?) it is my nephew's birthday today and the whole family is coming over to our place to celebrate.  I will definitely miss the first few hours tonight's chat but I will sign on once everyone leaves (somewhere between 10pm and midnight).

Hey, I'll see ya there!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Site Chat tonight @ 8PM EST!

It's Wednesday.... do you know where your site chat is?! Here! of course!

Today's top subjects: video games, Nintendo, romance of the three two Sarahs, and video games.

See you in a few hours!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nintendo Hardware Isn't What It Used To Be

As some of you might know, my Wii system is malfunctioning and will soon be sent in for repair. This marks the second time I've had an issue with it, and it isn't the same problem as last time. Until now, I have never had a Nintendo system that ceased to function, as their products are generally built to last. Unfortunately, recent Nintendo hardware does not follow this same philosophy.

Dating back to the NES, the Nintendo systems I've owned have withstood much senseless abuse. Growing up with three siblings who took a long time to learn to share, our systems were pulled in tug-o-wars, stomped on by angry boys, slapped silly by frustrated kids trying to get games to work, and much more. One unfortunate Nintendo GameCube even took an untimely trip down the stairs, and didn't get a scratch on it. We destroyed a Sega Genesis and Sony PlayStation over the years, but all of the Nintendo systems still work today and currently reside in my loving care.

In contrast, the Wii is the first system that was purchased and maintained entirely by myself. It has never come close to receiving the kind of punishment as the systems I grew up with; the worst thing that has happened to it is getting my shirt caught in the disc intake roller. And yet, it's the first one to ever need a repair, not once, but twice, entirely through normal use. What is it about the Wii that makes it pale in comparison to past Nintendo hardware?

The simple answer is that the Wii was designed with style and compactness over durability. Inside the Wii are many components that run hot, one of which is the Wi-Fi transmitter that produces quite a bit of heat. Having all these components in such close proximity is a recipe for heat build-up that can cause a myriad of issues, such as melt solder, which will eventually cause the processors to behave strangely and in time cease to function. This is the problem that has happened to me, more specifically to the GPU, which creates unusual graphical artifacts and incorrectly-coloured pixels.

To make matters worse, using the Stand By function of the Wii runs the Wi-Fi transmitter without the cooling fans, leaving nothing to dissipate the heat. Placing the system vertically will block the intake vent, hindering its ventilation. There are other issues with the design as well, including that a slot-loading drive isn't as durable as a flip-top drive as seen on the GameCube, and can also not be cleaned without a special kit. The dual-disc design used to read GameCube discs makes this drive even more prone to wear.

Outside of durability, the Wii hardware is more conservative than it needed to be. I understand that Nintendo was trying to create a system that is affordable to both consumers and developers alike, and I agree with that idea. But there are a couple of aspects that could have been better without breaking the bank. The amount of RAM in the system is pretty small for what the GPU and CPU are capable of, which often bottlenecks its performance. As well, the internal flash memory is tiny when you consider the amount of data it was meant to store. Both of these elements would have been cheap to include higher capacity chips.

Nintendo's latest handheld, the 3DS, has its own issues as well. Some of the functions seem as if they were tossed on there with no thought of how they will be used, part of which may simply be because Nintendo wanted the 3DS to have a different appearance than previous DS models. The Start and Select buttons are not easy to reach, and the Power button was placed where they used to be. The mic is also hidden away, I had to have someone show me where it is before I found it, and doesn't work well in games where you have to blow air into it. The new slide pad attachment is ugly and kind of defeats the portability aspect. As for durability, there have already been reports of the top half coming loose, causing such issues as the top screen losing power. Considering it hasn't even been a year yet, this isn't a good sign.

Nintendo used to create top-notch hardware that could withstand abuse I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. More importantly, they were designed with practicality and usability above all else, even if this sometimes resulted in weird-looking hardware. The Nintendo of today appears to focus more on style over durability, and have even taken one too many cost-cutting measures. Don't get me wrong, I still think they create the best games around. But they no longer produce the best of both software and hardware.

What are your own experiences with Nintendo hardware? Have you also witnessed a drop in quality as of recent? Leave your comment and chime in!

Site chat today at 6pm EST.

Well Sunday has come and that means that it is time for another site chat. In about a hour we will meet up and chat about whatever is on our minds.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Site chat 8 PM EST tonight

Hey everyone it is Wednesday and that means it is time for another site chat. Lots of details for Skyward Sword and there have been some pretty good titles released for the 3DS on the e-shop. Also a quick note I am kinda busy today but I will be in the site chat when it happens in 7 hours.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Site Chat @ 6pm tonight!

Hey all,
Tonight's site chat will happen at the usual 6pm EST.

Sadly, I will not be able to make it as I have tickets to a Foo Fighters concert (yeaaaa!!!).

But there is a chance I can sign on afterwards if you all are still around that late!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Site Chat Tonight!

Yo! Heading to the site chat right NOW!

Tonight's subjects:
-Monster Hunter art.
-3DS gaining steam.
-PSP's current value?

See you there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The World Ends With You, Ends Up In Kingdom Hearts

Via-, Neku from the DS Square-Enix RPG, The World Ends With You, made a cameo in the TGS demo of the latest chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series; Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

The Siliconera writer explains that during Sora's half of the demo in Traverse Town, Sora stumbles upon Neku while searching for Riku, who, and I quote, "..jumps down and shows Sora the number on his hand." The site then mentions that Neku explains that he is in need of a partner to play the Reapers game. Which I'm sure fans of the series will understand the meaning of.

It should be noted that this is the very first time that a cameo has been made in a Kingdom Hearts game by a character not of the Final Fantasy family. It should be quite interesting to say the least.

Monday, September 12, 2011

3DS event times

Well for most of North America the 3DS event is going to be today. Here is a run down of times for the event from around the world.

North America
Monday,11PM,Eastern standard time.
Monday,10pm,Central standard time.
Monday,9pm,Mountain standard time.
Monday,8pm,Pacific standard time.
Monday,7PM,Alaska standard time.
Monday,5PM,Hawaii-Aluetian standard time.

Tuesday,4AM,British Summer time.
Tuesday,5AM, Central Eastern European Summer Time.
Tuesday,6AM, Eastern European Summer Time.

Australia/New Zealand
Tuesday,3PM,New Zealand Standard time.
Tuesday,1 PM,Australian Eastern standard time.
Tuesday,12:30 PM, Australian Central standard time.
Tuesday,11 AM,Australian Western standard time.

I'll probably be in the chat when it starts for me. I'm Pacific time. Oh also here is the link to the stream.

The first one doesn't require a log in but the second one does.I'll be watching the first one when the time comes.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Site chat today at 6pm EST.

Well I'm sure most everyone knows what today is. It is 9/11/2011 so we may talk a little about what happened 10 years ago on this day. Other then that we can talk about the 3DS event that happens on the 13th of September as well as the new 3DS games rumored recently.Such as A new Yoshi Platformer,Ace Attorney 5,Baten Kaitos 3.The developers behind the Wario Ware series also has a new game in the works. A new Etrain Odyssey game is in the works according to these rumors. There is also rumors that there will be demos on the e-shop of retail games.A new God Eater game will likely be announced at the 3DS event. The Silver Case will be moved from the DS to 3DS according to these rumors. Finally Mach Rider:Unchained is supposedly going to be announced at the 3DS event on the 13th.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Site Chat Tonight @ 8PM EST

Looks like it's gonna be another doozy of a chat night. DQX information, 3DS hardware add-ons, up is down, day is night.... see you in the chat later to make sense of it all!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Preliminary Details on Dragon Quest X

All right, just a bit ago, a conference was held regarding Dragon Quest X. Before going to bed, I wanted to see what details I could confirm about the game. Here is everything I could gather from around the Internet from various sources, but none of this is OFFICIAL yet. NinSage, buddy, if you can find some reliable sources, be sure to post an update!

-It looks to be like an MMO, except more simple and with turn/command-based combat.
-Game is said to have a rather lengthy storyline.
-Customizable characters.
-The class system is in it, and more will be added later after release.
-More quests available than DQ9, plus special events on certain occasions.
-Your character can be used by other players when you're offline.
-A version of the game will be released on the Wii and the Wii U, with online play compatible between the two. The only difference is graphical.
-Looks like your save data can be transfered from the Wii version to the Wii U version and vice versa.
-Your character can be transferred to a 3DS for StreetPass transfers with other players.
-You'll have an account that you log into, and there may be a monthly fee for online (probably just in Japan).

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi, folks, It is I, the SupaSage (The All Powerful for short). I'm feeling a little goofy because I'm been working as a bikini inspector for the past 5 hours. So please excuse my Supa-levels of wackiness. Anyway, get in my chat, or get the flipp out!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Site Chat @ 8PM EST

Hi, folks, It is I, the NinSage (NinSage for short). I'm feeling a little goofy because I'm been working on my research for the past 5 hours. So please excuse my Supa-levels of wackiness. Anyway, see you in the chat in 3 hours!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST

So another Sunday has come and it is time for another site chat. I just woke up so I may not be talkative for a short while.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Site Chat @ 8PM EST

Loads of awful Nintendo rumors, loads of moronic blather from popular gaming media - so what does that mean for us? Lots to talk about in tonight's chat.

See you there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST

Site chat is at 6pm EST today. With the release of Xenoblade Chronicles in Europe last week we can talk about the game and if it is coming out in the USA. Also the possibility of Last Story and Pandora's Tower heading to the west.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Site chat at 8pm EST

Well today is Gamescom over in Germany. Few things have been confirmed for the Wii and 3DS so far and I will edit this later as more come in but here is what we have right now. Maybe we can chat about things revealed in the chat at 8pm EST.

The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword has a November 20th release date for the North American Market.Europe has a November 18th release date.

Last Story and Pandora's Tower has been given a 2012 release for Europe.

Europe will be given a Wii hardware revision which will be without Gamecube compatability.The revison will include Wii Sports and Wii Party and the Wii Remote Plus and a Nunchuk. No plans for the North American market for this revision.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Metroid II: Return of Samus and Bionic Commando will arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console during the fourth quarter in Europe.

Kirby Returns to Dreamland will be able to have 4 Kirby's playing as well as Meta Knight, King DeDeDe and Waddle Dee. So at any time they can swap out different characters depending on the players choice.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four more join the Nintendo Selects line

Recently Nintendo is offering four more Wii titles for the Nintendo Selects line of games which cost $19.99. The four new titles are Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Paper Mario. These four join The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers and Wii Sports as part of the discount line.

The only one that I am interested in that I don't have is Super Paper Mario. Anything you see that you plan on picking up?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST

Well it is Sunday again and we have a site chat at 6pm EST. I guess we can talk about the 3DS and if you guys think it is doing well for itself at this point in it life.

Anything else is fair game if you want to bring it up in the chat. See everyone at 6pm EST.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Reggie keeping an eye on Operation Rainfall games and Operation Rainfall enters Phase two

Recently Reggie has been asked about the 3 RPGs heading to the West and he said that he will keep an eye on the sales of said titles for consideration for the west. He said this."Certainly if there are business opportunities and positive consumer uptake from some of those titles, that will be great data for us to consider as we look at what to do with these titles."

In response to said comments from Reggie Operation Rainfall will be entering the second phase. Here is the second phase from Operation Rainfall's site.

As part of Phase Two of Operation Rainfall, we very much want to see Xenoblade Chronicles sell exceptionally well in PAL regions. To all residents in the regions of Europe and Oceania, we encourage you to pre-order and purchase it at your earliest convenience. In the Americas, we encourage you to promote awareness of these titles. Good sales abroad will be a strong indicator for the title making it to American shores.

For those supporting our movement domestically don’t forget to write, stamp, and mail your letter to Nintendo of America this week. We’re hoping to get all those letters in the mail between August 13th and 17th so that they reach NOA at roughly the same time. Our goal is to have all letters ARRIVE at Nintendo of America offices on or close to August 19. If you prefer, we have a template for mail in letters featured on our website. Be sure to mention your promise to buy Xenoblade, and if relevant, your contribution to Child’s Play on our official website –

Also, as part of Phase Two we want to encourage everyone to make a single Virtual Console purchase on your Wii system. We specifically ask that as many as possible download “Final Fantasy (NES)” on the date of August 19, 2011 (to coincide with the Xenoblade Chronicles’ European launch date). Final Fantasy costs 500 Nintendo points and is published by Nintendo. If you already own the game, please consider purchasing the game as a gift for another Wii owner or making a donation to Child’s Play Foundation through the widget on our website. It’s important to donate through the widget on our website, so that the updated tally remains accurate. This purchase shows intent to buy products, which is important to businesses, please reference your purchase or donation in your letter, and hold off on making said purchase or donation until the 19th to coincide with the arrival of your letter, and the European release of Xenoblade Chronicles

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hanafuda Cards: Get!

So we've been waiting to cash in our Club Nintendo points since we weren't going to make Platinum this past year and wanted to save them up for 2011-2012. We were also planning to buy the Hanafuda Card set (pictured). So, a few days ago we finally cashed in our points and purchased the set!

I'll have a full review of the item when they arrive in the mail in ... some amount of business days.

Has there even been an announcement on the 2010-2011 Platinum reward? I'm going to assume the Gold reward is still a nifty desk calendar as always =P.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Site chat at 8pm EST

Today is Wednesday so it is time for site chat. Few topics I want to talk about are the perception of gamers in the world at large. A recent Today show episode has made me think about this.

Also this year is the 25th anniversary of Metriod and we can talk about that as well.

Also currently the Tri servers are down.It may be a temperary thing so don't panic. So we can talk about the lastablity of online games versus offline games and the pros and cons of each.

Hope to see everyone in the chat.

Nintendo Gets Fired up for the Holidays with New Flame Red Nintendo 3DS

Well in recent 3DS news Nintendo is going to release a Red 3DS coming September 9th. The same day Starfox 64 3D will be released. So by then the 3DS will be at $169.99 for North American shores. Super Mario 3D Land will be released in November.Mario Kart 7 will be released in December. In case you guys missed it Nintendo is offering an Ambassadors program for early 3DS adoptors. If you have your 3DS connected onto the 3DS eShop or preform a system update at least once before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 11. These users will automatically be registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program.

The bonuses are able to download 10 NES games for free also there will be 10 Gameboy advance games offered as well for free.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ignored Signs of Life

In 2010, the Wii had one of the best software line-ups that I can ever recall. 2011, on the other hand, has been dry to say the least. With Nintendo shifting efforts to the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U, and third parties continuing their policy of minimum risk and minimal effort, many have proclaimed the Wii as good as dead ... except for Zelda.

As much as I feel it is foolish to view game platforms with the "what have you done for me lately" mentality (games don't have expiration dates!!!), I can see why many gamers are feeling the Wii is dead.

However, I felt compelled to write this little post to remind our vast small audience and anyone that they might communicate with not to ignore the signs of life the Wii is showing for the future ...

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Goes without saying.

Kirby Returns to Dreamland - Having a major console release of Zelda and Kirby still on the calendar for 2011 proves Nintendo is not completely abandoning the Wii like some believe.

Bit.Trip Complete - Yea, it's technically a re-release of games already available. But for some gamers (like me) putting the entire series on one disc was the only way I ever intended to invest money in the franchise. Now that is happening, and since the franchise is fairly awesome, we should be excited!

Rayman Origins - Like NSMBWii? Like Rayman? Like amazing 2D artwork? Then get excited about this game!

Rhythm Heaven Wii - The whole world seems to love this series. I keep hearing that this game is coming to the states but no one is confirming it or giving release dates. Assuming it's on its way, it shouldn't be passed over!

Dragon Quest X - Some media would really help people realize that this game is coming, but for now we only have the word of Nintendo and Square Enix CEOs to go on - and that should be enough to keep the game from getting forgotten about entirely!! We know nothing about the game ... except that it will be awesome.


So hey, I know these games aren't all going to appeal to everyone, and I know that it's always hard for gamers to look on the bright side of anything, but they are likely going to be quality experiences and no one is talking about them. Heck, even Nintendo Power's online poll for next month forgot to list Bit.Trip Complete. So, let's take the blinders off, people!

Gameboy to Game Man

When I was a young boy, I had a Gameboy.

Super Mario Land was one of the first titles I acquired and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Unfortunately, so did my sister. It was one of the few video games she ever played on her own. What's unfortunate about that? Well, she lost it!

However, this past week, while on a trip to Chicago, I stopped in to a retro game store. While browsing around I saw Super Mario Land for $7 and thought: "now is the time to remedy this 20-year-old tragedy!" So, I got the game, and when I returned home I popped some batteries in my Gameboy to give it a whirl!

... my Gameboy wouldn't turn on. It seems the decades of neglect lead to some kind of corrosion of the battery contacts. Fortunately, my wife has a Gameboy and hers worked! Oddly enough, when I first turned it on it sort of flickered and sputtered as if it was shaking off the rust of its own decade+ hibernation.

So, I've been playing some SML lately... how the hell did I used to play games without a backlight!? Regardless, even as a 30-year-old man, I find that Gameboy is still pretty nifty.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Metroid is 25 years old

Back on August 6th, 1986, the first Metroid game was released on the NES. It was an interesting mix of Super Mario Bros. platforming and The Legend of Zelda exploration aspects into one game. The creators of the game were Gunpei Yokoi, Makoto Kano and Yoshio Sakamoto. The original Metroid was a pretty challenging game for its time and unlike most games these days you weren't really given any direction. It was up to you to explore and figure out things yourself. I didn't play the original Metroid until years later on the Wii Virtual Console. There were several passwords that could make different things happening in the game - JUSTIN BAILEY and NARPAS SWORD were the more well know ones back then. At the end of the game, if you got a good time, Samus would remove her armor and reveal herself as a woman. This was a pretty big deal back in the 80s since there really weren't any female heroines back then.

For the second game in the series they decided to put it on the Gameboy. The result was Metroid 2: Return of Samus. There were a few more things they added like the Spiderball. The game took place on SR388, the home world of the Metroid species. The game's music was quite atmospheric and gave you a sense you were all alone on the planet and that there was Metroids waiting to come out at anytime. I haven't played this title but I have watched some playthroughs of the game.

The next title in the franchise is widely considered one of the best games of all time. That game was Super Metroid. It took Samus back to Zebes, the location where the first game took place. This game's difficulty can vary depending on how you play it. You could do a low item percent run and make it more challenging, or you could get all the items in the game and make it a cake walk. I think this game was the game that popularized the idea of a "speedrun." There were also several ways to get through the game and acquire different items out of their intended order.

Since Samus' only N64 appearance was in Super Smash Bros., we fast forward to the Gamecube. Metroid fans were waiting for a new game to play. When it was first announced that Retro Studios was taking the reins of the Metroid series it was met with scepticism. However, when Metroid Prime came out on November 17th, 2002 it blew everyone's minds. The game took place on planet called Talon IV. A mysterious substance called Phazon was being used by Space Pirates to further their quest for power. The game's story was cleverly incorporated into the gameplay. Samus could scan certain objects and get a bit of information about what was happening around her. It was there if you wanted it and if you didn't want it you could avoid it. The game had lots of new bosses and a few returning ones from previous games. Overall it was an outstanding game. Personally, I have yet to beat it, but I am at the final area in the game. It was released on the Wii in Metroid Prime Trilogy along with its two direct sequels.

Released on the same day, Metroid Fusion hit the Gameboy Advance. This went back to the 2D sidescrolling from the eight and 16-bit days. There were several new weapons in the game and a very interesting antagonist - yourself - though, not exactly. You run into yourself many times in the game, but your doppelganger is more powerful so it is usually a good idea to avoid her. During the course of the game you are given access to different areas in a more linear manner than past Metroids. Finally, as a bonus for those who had Fusion, Prime and a Gamecube to GBA cable, you could access extra content in both games.

Zero Mission was released on the Gameboy Advance next. It was basically a remake of the first game. Most people consider this to be the best version of Metroid. It took some things from Fusion to make the controls better. This was also the first game that showed Zero Suit Samus later in the game.This game can also be speed runned pretty well much like Super Metroid could.

The next game in the series was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This took place on Aether, a planet split into two dimensions much like the Light and Dark world in Link to the Past. The game is considered by many to be the hardest in the Metroid series. Part of that is because of the dual worlds and but also because the bosses were typically harder than those of its predecessors. I have the game but I have yet to make much headway in it. It was also released for the Wii in the Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation.

The next few games were released on the DS and they were Metroid Prime Pinball and Metroid Prime: Hunters. The former was a solid game made by Fuse Games. The latter was one of the first games that used the new Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and focused heavily on multiplayer.

When Nintendo revealed the Revolution (aka Wii) there was a demo that used Metroid Prime 2 and motion controls as a focus for the next console. Originally slated as a launch title to come out in 2006, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption finally came out in 2007 and leading up to the launch of the game Nintendo released a Metroid Prime 3 channel for the Wii which revealed story teases for the new game. They also released the NES and SNES games for the Wii Virtual Console. Much like Super Metroid the weapons that you earned stacked on top of each other so whenever you got a beam upgrade it replaced the previous one. While it was liner as far as traveling between different planets, the four different planets could be traversed in a non liner way. The main change with Samus this time was her ability to use Hypermode for more powerful attacks at the cost of an energy tank's worth of health. I have beaten two of the three difficulties. I am stuck on Hyper Mode at the end of the game.

Finally, Metroid: Other M was released on August 31st, 2010 for the Wii. This game was an interesting mix of first and third person gameplay. The events took place after Super Metroid in the timeline so the focus was on the baby Metroid Samus rescued at the end of Metroid II: Return of Samus. Generally, the story was the primary issue for the game's detractors. But, from what I can tell, it was a solid game aside from the dialogue.

This being the 25th anniversary of the series, what do you think Nintendo should do to celebrate it? Any favorite games from the series? What step do you think Nintendo should take with the series next?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST

Today is Sunday. Once again for site chat. I myself am kinda busy today so I may not chat as much as I usually do. Hope everyone can chat today.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

3DS price drop and Mario 3ds games release dates

Great Price, Great Games

An exciting message for people who own a Nintendo 3DS and those who want to:

Nintendo of America today announced plans to drop the suggested retail price of its portable Nintendo 3DS™ system to $169.99 in the United States. The new price takes effect Aug. 12 and makes an outstanding value even better.

Building on the popularity of The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D, which launched June 19, the upcoming game calendar for Nintendo 3DS is a Who's Who of iconic video game franchises. Star Fox 64™ 3D arrives on Sept. 9, followed by Super Mario™ 3D Land in November, Mario Kart™ 7 in December and Kid Icarus™: Uprising during the holiday season.

And don't forget that Nintendo 3DS has a bunch of fun features, including Nintendo Video™, the Nintendo eShop and access to Netflix, that make it a must-have video game system.

But what about the 830,000 of you who already own a Nintendo 3DS? You're some of Nintendo's most loyal customers, and we're rewarding you for getting in on the action early with not one, not 10, but 20 free downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop! Here's how it works:

The 20 free games are available to anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS system and uses a wireless broadband Internet signal to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 11. These users will automatically be registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. The program contains two elements:

1. Starting Sept. 1, Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors will be able to download 10 NES™ Virtual Console™ games at no charge and before they are available in the Nintendo eShop to the general public. These games, including Super Mario Bros.™, Donkey Kong Jr.™, Balloon Fight™, Ice Climber™ and The Legend of Zelda™, are slated to become paid downloadable games, but Ambassadors get them early for free. Once the paid versions of the games are posted to the Nintendo eShop later in the year, the updated versions will be available to Ambassadors for download at no cost.

2. By the end of 2011, Nintendo will provide Ambassadors with 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games. These include games like Yoshi's Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3, Mario Kart™: Super Circuit, Metroid™ Fusion, WarioWare™, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ and Mario vs. Donkey Kong™. These games will be available exclusively to Ambassadors, and Nintendo currently has no plans to make these 10 games available to the general public on the Nintendo 3DS in the future.

More details about this program will be announced in the future.

It's a great time to own a Nintendo 3DS!

--Your Friends at Nintendo of America


My thoughts on this is it is a good idea for Nintendo and consumers. It helps out Nintendo by getting more systems sold so more games can come to the 3DS. For consumers the 20 games for free is a great thing for those that may have not gotten the 3DS. I probably won't have the money to get one before the August 11th date so I will likely get one from the price drop sometime this year.
So is this making you want to pick up a 3DS soon if you haven't already? For those that have one already are these 20 games for free enough to take the early adoption of the 3DS?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Downloadable Content Can Be Done Properly

The idea of downloadable content (henceforth referred to as DLC) sounds good on paper. It's a way to extend existing games by adding more characters, chapters, modes, etc., providing more entertainment for a small fee or sometimes even for free. What could possibly go wrong?

Like too many things in the gaming industry, publishers overuse the latest fad in an attempt to rake in as much money as possible before consumers become wise to their tactics or sick of the concept. After doing a little research, I've come to discover that DLC is being largely used to nickel and dime the game-buying public through withholding content or releasing incomplete games. I can't say I'm surprised that some publishers would use this dirty trick, but I thought it was being exaggerated how widespread it was, figuring consumers wouldn't put up with such nonsense.

DLC seems most common in shooters and fighting games. In the former case, map packs and weapons are available as DLC, and in the latter, characters and stages. This might sound like a way of expanding such titles, but a majority of this content is available since day one, indicating the content was already completed and was withheld from the final product to be sold as DLC. In a few more extreme cases for fighters, DLC characters and modes are already on the disc, and the paid DLC is nothing but one line of code that unlocks the content.

CapCom is the worst offender of DLC; their content in games like Mega Man and Resident Evil are simple things like a Hard Mode or a character that cost an extra $2-3 each, and in most cases are already stored within the game. Didn't we used to get rewarded with this stuff by simply completing a game? Microsoft isn't much better. As I just discovered today in my research, Microsoft actually requires a specific fee for most types of DLC. Even if the developers wish to offer the content for free, Microsoft will not allow it to be released as such.

These kinds of practices should not be accepted by gamers. It's one thing for publishers to use such dirty tactics, but ultimately it's the consumers who decide which methods of distributions are best. Complaints mean nothing if DLC is purchased anyway, so the only thing companies will listen to is the almighty dollar. Stop buying bogus DLC, and it will no longer exist.

Looking around for legit uses of DLC, I didn't find much, but there are some out there. One such case is Fallout 3, where the main game is complete and packed with content, and the additional DLC is sidestories that are not necessary to enjoy the game but are available for those who want a little more for a modest fee. It isn't the best usage of it, but it's at least content that wasn't withheld. A couple other large, open-world games appear to have followed this as well.

Now, that isn't to say DLC has no place whatsoever, people just need to recognize what is legit DLC. There actually aren't many cases where DLC is necessary, so it isn't something that should be used in a majority of games. Only a specific few where it makes some sense. Here are some of my thoughts on how I believe DLC cold be used to benefit consumers:

1. Fighting games. How many versions of Street Fighter II did we see on the SNES? How many versions of Street Fighter IV are we going to see? How many Marvel vs CapCom's are being made? Since fighting games don't change much from version to version, DLC seems like the perfect way to offer new content for fighters without charging full price for a new game. New characters and stages can be offered for modest prices, and things like balancing fixes should probably be free. This seems a lot better than CapCom promising DLC for Marvel vs CapCom 3, some of which was to be free, then announcing the DLC will not be released but instead put into a new retail versoin, Ultimate MvC 3. Which sounds better?

2. Sports games. There is really no reason to release yearly editions of football, baseball, etc. when more often than not, the most significant change is the updated roster. Instead, roster updates could be offered for a fair price, and a new version could be released every few years or so, when lots of new and updated features are added into the game. Unfortunately, this will never happen as long as millions sports fans are willing to pay $60 each year.

3. Music and dance games. This is perhaps the genre where DLC makes the most sense. Do we really need to see a new Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Just Dance, etc. every nine months? Especially when individuals are likely uninterested in at least half of the ~50 songs included in each version? A better way to distribute these games is with DLC. Instead of coming with pre-loaded songs, a music/dance game disc should be blank, and come with 50 song download tickets. Musical taste is highly subjective, so let the consumers decide which songs come with their game. Then, if anyone wants more than 50 songs, additional song downloads should be $1 each, which I believe is comparible to iTunes pricing. Perhaps if Guitar Hero and Rock Band followed this strategy, the rhythm game genre wouldn't have been a fad that is currently fading into a mere footnote of the “don'ts” section in gaming history.

And there you have it. Three fine examples of how DLC could actually be beneficial to consumers instead of a pathetic cash grab by publishers. There may even be a couple more; if you have any ideas, let me know by commenting. As far as combating bogus DLC, note that it's largely the publishers, not the developers, who implement the DLC. In most cases, developers are not the ones who make distribution decisions, it's the financial backers, the publishers. So if blame is to be placed, make it on the CapComs and EAs of the industry, not the folks who create the games.

Site chat at 8pm EST

The weekly Wednesday has come along. About half of the year is done so we can talk about how the year has gone for them not just gamewise but in real life too. And look to the future.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dang it

I just realized I won't be back in the site chat until Wednesday, August flappin' 10th!

Tomorrow: Out of town.
Wednesday the 27th: Extended rehearsal (12 songs instead of the usual 5). Might be able to make it very late in the evening.
Sunday the 31st: I'll be in Chicago
Wednesday the 3rd: Still Chicago
Sunday the 7th: Still Chicago

Mop_it_up - We'll play Echoes of Time on the 10th, k?? Btw, how many characters can one bring in to the online? Is it just one per person? I was thinking about creating a White Mage.... might be fun for online. Either that or my usual Selkie archer. Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Site chat today at 8pm EST

Another site chat has come and there has been some interesting things happening with support for the 3DS and developers.Among that and other things we will talk about in the chat today at 8pm EST.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hidden Gem In Plain Sight

In the wake of the “Wii has no games” stereotype, there is a term I see used a bit too often. A “hidden gem” is a game that was overlooked at release, and then later discovered by enthusiasts to be a game of rather good quality. There have unfortunately been a number of titles on Wii that are underappreciated, but that doesn't make them all hidden gems. It depends on the circumstances for each individual game.

As an example, I've witnessed No More Heroes be labeled as a hidden gem. From what I recall, this game received some hype around its release, as well as favourable reviews from many sources. It may not have quite reached a million copies sold, but it did receive a sequel, indicating it was not only a profitable venture but performed well enough to warrant a second outing. If you ask any Wii enthusiast for game recommendations, chances are, this one will be listed. In fact, I'm sure the lot of you have at least played it. Does this sound like a game that nobody heard of and later discovered?

Compare that to a game like, say, Tornado Outbreak. Ten bucks says you never heard of this game and think I'm making it up. It released quietly onto shelves without anyone taking a notice, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a review of it anywhere. Its packaging probably didn't help matters either; the cartoony artwork typical of shovelware titles belies the excellent game underneath. No one bought this game and no one ever mentions it in the same breath as recommendations. It's a shame that this game still remains to be discovered.

No More Heroes is not a hidden gem because, even if it didn't reach its sales potential, lots of people heard about the game, regardless of whether or not they bought/played it. Tornado Outbreak is a hidden gem because, even today, I haven't come across anyone else who's so much as heard the name, besides the one Wii enthusiast crazier than I who pointed it out to me. Now, games don't need to remain unknown to be hidden gems; the status is typically past tense. Some examples of that include Little King's Story and A Boy And His Blob, both of which received little attention around launch but soon became known as quality games.

“Hidden gem” is not synonymous with “underappreciated” as it is sometimes used. While the game can't still be hidden if people know about it, it was once largely unknown to a majority of people, then later attracted a following. The term refers to where a game originated, and though that means it was underappreciated at launch, it doesn't make it the same thing; even games that receive some attention can be underappreciated, but they were never hidden.

Site chat at 6pm EST

Me and Sage are in the chat right now and among other things we are talking about the Operation Rainfall and what we are doing for it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are You Part of the Operation?

Well, it's mid-July. Operation Rainfall's mail-in campaign is in full force. I've started sending mine and used my own twist on the mail-in items.


It's not the best photo (I took it on my DSiXL), but what we have hear is a plastic knife with "XENO" written on the blade. Then the page of a Nintendo Power (that I had doubles of) which talked about next month's story, so I made it "the last story." And finally, my pride and joy, I made a fold-out Eiffel Tower out of a cracker box and wrote "Pandora's" on it!

On my letter, I told Reggie about our site and how we've had less to talk about and play lately. I also traced the GameStop/Best Buy giftcards I received for my birthday and told Reggie that they are waiting for these games when/if they get localized!

So, I'm doing my best. What are you doing to help?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Site chat at 8pm EST

Once again Wednesday has come along. So it is time for another chat. Only real major thing that happened has been the EA purchase of PopCap.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST

Well another chat day has come and I kinda want to talk about the gaming media and its problems. I found a blog post yesterday and posted it on the forums in the Culture of gaming section. Main points is makes is how the gaming media can be hypocrites and just look out for themselves. Main think I want to talk about is the things that need to be changed.Mainly for the page hit articles and the way they use peoples comments to go towards their own agenda.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greetings from The Berkshires

Hey gang,

Just wanted to drop a line and say "hello!"

Check out that awesome panoramic shot I made using my DSiXL! ... and Photoshop, obviously.

So, I'm still in the Berkshire's with Amy's family until tomorrow evening. I probably won't be back in time for Sunday's site chat but I'll certainly try to be.

All I have to say for now is ...
  • I love the DSiXL ... it's so bad.
  • I hope these rumors from Operation Rainfall are true!

Talk to you all soon!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Xenoblade and The Last Story heading to the US?

Well according to a source at Nintendo according to Operation Rainfall the localization of Xenoblade is complete while The Last Story is being worked on for release. The Xenoblade localization was finished about a month ago.Operation Rainfall has noted that NOA hasn't officially announced these titles yet for North American release yet.No word on the final of the 3 games Pandora's Tower about getting to the North America shores yet.

Also in other Xenoblade news the European release has been bumped up 2 weeks from the previous September 2nd release.So now it plans to be released on August 19th.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Site chat today at 6pm EST

Well once again a Sunday comes and it is nearing time for the Sunday chat. Probably the most newsworthy thing that happened this week was that Pandora's Tower is coming to Europe in 2012. So at this time there has been Xenoblade Chronicles,Pandora's Tower and The Last Story is heading to European territories. So far there hasn't been any announcements for the three titles for North America yet. Other then that topic I think we will play some games in the chat and just kick back and relax.It is the weekend after all.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Odds 'n' Ends

  • It's my birthday on Monday. The rumors are true; having fireworks each year on your birthday doesn't suck. Today, I used some birthday checks that arrived early to purchase a shiny, Bronze DSiXL! I've wanted one for a long time but didn't have the disposable income to justify it. I know it's just a big DS (I don't much care for DSiWare or the camera), but the screen is so nice! And it fits it my hands better. And I flippin' love the location/style of the volume and power buttons. Also, the d-pad, shoulder and start/select buttons feel better too.

    So, yea, I guess it is a major upgrade for me!

    I kept my black DS lite because I don't think the $40(?) trade in is worth the sentimental value. We've been through some good times together! ... so very many Pokémon.

  • I know one of the employees at a nearby GameStop. I brought him 10 copies of this flyer from Operation Rainfall. He said he would cut 'em up and leave 'em out for people. It's one of the busier GameStops in the area so hopefully it helps just a little bit! You should do the same in your area!

  • In the early days of this website, I used to spend a lot more time pointing out the faults of mainstream gaming media. An easy source for media faux-pas has always been Eventually, I was able to break the cycle and just stopped visiting that cesspool all together.

    However, some respectable sites I frequent still relay Kotaku's "stories" for god knows what reason. So recently, I came across these two gems and wanted to give my quick responses ...

    "Gamers, Let's Stop Hating Each Other"

    You know, I completely agree with the underlying sentiment of this article. Too bad it comes from a site that has spent years cultivating the very hatred discussed in the article!

    Which Wii Game Did GameStop Refuse to Accept for a Trade-In?

    This next article comes from part-time (very small part) journalist and full-time moron, Stephen Totilo. The article is only one paragraph so, go ahead and give them a hit and read the thing.

    Back? Good.

    So, the story was about a GameStop's incomplete computer records, right? Then how come Stephen closes by inviting his readers to "Insert your own jokes about Wii games below...." ?

    Looks like his position as full-time moron won't be jeopardized any time soon.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir, but we need to get the word out that gamers deserve more mature, unbiased journalism!! If you frequent sites like those, speak up! The silent majority just needs brave souls to lead by example. So, any small thing you can do is a big help!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

High Demolition #006 - Operation Brain Gone

Issue #006 of "High Demolition" is up!

I personally believe Operation Rainfall is far from over. But, in the meantime, we've all been trying to understand what's going on inside NOA's head lately. This comic is my best guess as to an explanation ...


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Site chat at 8pm EST

Well there is lots to talk about with the Wii. There is that Operation Rainfall that is going on right now. Xenoblade has since been confirmed for an Aussie release date of September 2nd.That same date is for Europe as well. Only North America hasn't been confirmed for release so far. On a different note I made it past HR 300 in Tri and well I'm glad to help anybody that wants to play tonight.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing Outside Causes Bad Behavior in Children

It took stop sticks to bring a rampaging 9-year-old to a halt on Saturday night after he got mad at his parents and stole their car after they made him quit playing for the evening.

"This young man, I guess, was upset because his mom and dad told him that it was time to come in late last night, around 8 p.m. He was upset because they told him that he had to come in and quit playing, so he was mad and took off," said Greenfield, Indiana Police Major Derek Towle. [via Channel 3000]

Clearly the act of playing outside is what caused this kid to go mad. All of that fresh air must have rotted his brain, the fresh grass caused him to become addicted to the outdoors and he refused to go back inside. Playing outdoors is obviously a dangerously addictive activity and should hereby be banned to protect our children.

Isn't that what they should have said about this news? We all know that if it were something like, say, videogames, which the parents told the kid to quit, they would be all over this, raging about how videogames are a negative influence on children. But since there is nothing easy to blame here, it goes largely unnoticed and ignored.

It seems like a bit of a double-standard to me, and believe me, I'm quite experienced in double-standards. People just try to use incidents like this to push their own agendas, but of course, no sane person is against kids playing outside. The simple truth is that most children act out, some more extremely than others. That's their nature, it's a part of the growing process. They can be influenced by things like videogames, television, etc., but that's just because many kids are impressionable and will act out anything they find to be “cool,” regardless of where it originated. Bad behavior is not caused by videogames.

Site chat today at 6pm EST

Well once again it is site chat time.Sorry I haven't been on much but well I was kinda sick since Wednesday. Anyway there seems to be lots going on with 3 RPGs heading to North America shores.

"Operation Rainfall" Localization Campaign!

Just throwing our bit of fuel on this fire.

Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not. And hey, if you don't have anything encouraging to say, there's already enough pessimism surrounding these titles, so, we don't need to hear it!

But, if you want to TRY (y'know, the opposite of doing nothing), then please join us and let's at least earn the right to complain if I doesn't work out!

Send a polite letter, pointing out the need for the game.
Optional Item: miniature toy sword or cocktail sword
Target Date: July 11-13, 2011
(plan your letters to arrive around the 6th, not to ship on the 6th)

Below is a letter template, but feel free to write your own, just try to be polite if possible.

Dear Reggie,

As a fan of your company and of RPGs, I was extremely excited about the reveal of Monado which was later retitled Xenoblade. After it's reveal at E3 2008 it quickly became one of my most anticipated games for the Wii, and as more information, screens, and trailers were released my interest only expanded. I am deeply concerned that this game has no North American release planned, especially considering the sparse lineup on the Wii in the next year. I have been a loyal fan of this company for many years, and yet there hasn't been a game worth getting on your console for nearly 8 months... and nothing on the horizon to be excited about besides Skyward Sword, and yet Xenoblade sits completed, and soon to be localized for Europe in English. Please consider your company's fans, please bring Xenoblade to us.

(your name here - signed)

Send a polite letter, pointing out the need for the game.
Optional Item: the last page/chapter of a book
Target Date: July 18-20, 2011
(plan your letters to arrive around the 13th, not to ship on the 13th)

Below is a letter template, but feel free to write your own, just try to be polite if possible.

Dear Reggie,

As a fan of your company and of RPGs, I was extremely excited about the reveal of the Last Story. Being a fan of Mistwalker and Hironobu Sakaguchi, it quickly became one of my most anticipated games for the Wii, and when the gorgeous art and impressive screens and trailers were released I only became more excited for the game. I am deeply concerned that this game has no North American release planned, especially considering the sparse lineup on the wii in the next year. I have been a loyal fan of this company for many years, and yet there hasn't been a game worth getting on your console for nearly 8 months... and nothing on the horizon to be excited about besides Skyward Sword, and yet the Last Story sits completed. Please consider your company's fans, please bring the Last Story to us.

(your name here - signed)

Send a polite letter, pointing out the need for the game.
Optional Item: a piece of dried meat (Beef Jerky, Slim Jims, etc.)
Target Date: July 25-27, 2011
(plan your letters to arrive around the 20th, not to ship on the 20th)

Below is a letter template, but feel free to write your own, just try to be polite if possible.

Dear Reggie,

As a fan of your company and of games like Castlevania, I was extremely excited about the reveal of Pandora's Tower. From the initial cryptic reveal, to the delightfully twisted plot details that followed, I have been craving this game all year. I am deeply concerned that this game has no North American release planned, especially considering the sparse lineup on the Wii in the next year. I have been a loyal fan of this company for many years, and yet there hasn't been a game worth getting on your console for nearly 8 months... and nothing on the horizon to be excited about besides Skyward Sword, and yet Pandora's Tower sits completed. Please consider your company's fans, please bring Pandora's Tower to us.

(your name here - signed)

send your individual letters to:

Reginald Fils-Aime (President and COO)
c/o Nintendo of America
4600 150th Ave. Northeast
Redmond, WA 98052

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Site chat tonight at 8pm EST tonight

Once again an Wednesday has come and it is another day for the site chat. Sorry I haven't been as active as I should have been with the blog posts but I have been busy this past week. More posts should be incoming now that I am not so busy now.

Dragon Quest X might have enhancements for the Wii U console

In a shareholders meeting today Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada was asked about the possiblity of Dragon Quest X coming to the Wii U.Wada answered that they are looking into the technical aspects of the Wii U and if it would be possible for Wii disks to have some enhancements when used on the Wii U itself.

Basically Square Enix is looking into the Wii U hardware and seeing if they can make the Wii version work with the Wii U console without having to make a Wii U version.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Site chat at 6pm EST today

Well once again we are having chat today. Hope everyone shows up in the chat.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Well Reggie had some things to talk about the Wii U

Here is the link. It is an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Here is some details from the interview.
- Nintendo's biggest challenge is competing for time
- Reggie doesn't believe game prices need to come down to compete with App Store titles
- Nintendo believes they can reach Wii users on Wii U by keeping their pick-up-and-play attitude
- Nintendo will still make games that use Wiimote/Wiimote Plus on Wii U
- Wii U will have a price point that can get 25 to 30 million units sold
- Nintendo will look at the experiences the consumer will have with Wii U at launch to pick the best value/price
- Nintendo will work with third parties to offer matchmaking, social networking and other online features that those devs want
- Nintendo's online for Wii U will be much more robust and broader than what's offered today
- Nintendo wants the consumer to have new experiences every day on Wii U and 3DS. They want the consumer to touch the platform every day
- Nintendo has to make sure they make their security systems as robust as possible to avoid a Sony situation
- Consumers that haven't bought a 3DS yet say they want the big-name brands and digital content experiences before they jump in
- eShop has had over a million transactions thus far
- 3DS sales are on the upswing
- Nintendo is confindent that they'll reverse the 3DS trends they've seen thus far
- Nintendo thinks they can play a bigger role in wading through entertainment experiences

Is this type of thinking correct on the points he addresses for you personally?