Friday, June 17, 2011

Well Reggie had some things to talk about the Wii U

Here is the link. It is an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Here is some details from the interview.
- Nintendo's biggest challenge is competing for time
- Reggie doesn't believe game prices need to come down to compete with App Store titles
- Nintendo believes they can reach Wii users on Wii U by keeping their pick-up-and-play attitude
- Nintendo will still make games that use Wiimote/Wiimote Plus on Wii U
- Wii U will have a price point that can get 25 to 30 million units sold
- Nintendo will look at the experiences the consumer will have with Wii U at launch to pick the best value/price
- Nintendo will work with third parties to offer matchmaking, social networking and other online features that those devs want
- Nintendo's online for Wii U will be much more robust and broader than what's offered today
- Nintendo wants the consumer to have new experiences every day on Wii U and 3DS. They want the consumer to touch the platform every day
- Nintendo has to make sure they make their security systems as robust as possible to avoid a Sony situation
- Consumers that haven't bought a 3DS yet say they want the big-name brands and digital content experiences before they jump in
- eShop has had over a million transactions thus far
- 3DS sales are on the upswing
- Nintendo is confindent that they'll reverse the 3DS trends they've seen thus far
- Nintendo thinks they can play a bigger role in wading through entertainment experiences

Is this type of thinking correct on the points he addresses for you personally?

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