Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dang it

I just realized I won't be back in the site chat until Wednesday, August flappin' 10th!

Tomorrow: Out of town.
Wednesday the 27th: Extended rehearsal (12 songs instead of the usual 5). Might be able to make it very late in the evening.
Sunday the 31st: I'll be in Chicago
Wednesday the 3rd: Still Chicago
Sunday the 7th: Still Chicago

Mop_it_up - We'll play Echoes of Time on the 10th, k?? Btw, how many characters can one bring in to the online? Is it just one per person? I was thinking about creating a White Mage.... might be fun for online. Either that or my usual Selkie archer. Thoughts?

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Maxi said...

I'm in the chat now.