Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Site Chat Tonight!

Site chat tonight at the usual 8pm EST.

Tonight we'll be playing GoldenEye or Tatsunoko VS Capcom for anyone who has the game(s)!

See ya there!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fell Off the Poke-Wagon

Hello. My name is NinSage. And I've started playing more Pokemon.

That's right. My (quasi)abusive relationship (detailed here) with Pokemon officially continues.

Am I playing the advanced copy of Black and/or White that Nintendo sent me to preview and blog about? No, because as of yet I am not that important. =P

Instead, I'm finally giving a real go to the copy of SoulSilver I picked up ... a while ago. So far I haven't even beaten the first Gym Leader (just about to challenge him though!), but I am enjoying it.

It seems that by blind luck I started just in time to collect the legendary cats(?) from the Nintendo WiFi. Which is cool because I've never had any of them before.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on my "training" and I'm sure there will be some battles/trades in the not too distant future.

What's up with you, Pokemon Trainers?

Anyone scrounging pennies for Black or White? Anyone still busy with one of the previous Generations like I am?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

GoldenEye 007 night over at NWR. Be there!

Tonight. 7pm EST. Head over here to sign up and watch your back because I'm gonna be silenced P99-ing your butt super-spy style!*

* I am aware that the multiplayer doesn't really encourage stealth the way the 1P does. But I don't care! I'm a super-spy, damnit! So go ahead and shoot me while I'm slinking around in the shadows... I'm gonna keep slinking!! ^_^

Friday, February 4, 2011

My "Free" Hard Cover Epic Yarn Guide!

I don't buy many game guides. In fact, nearly all the ones I have were gifts. But if I'm going to get one. I really prefer hard covers so that they can be proudly displayed on my book shelf (aka, the "nerd shelf").

So, when I got a free spiral-bound guide for buying Epic Yarn at Toys'R'Us a few months ago, I knew something had to be done because spiral-bound just does not display well!

Here's the process ...

Step 1:

Acquire free Epic Yarn spiral-bound guide from Toys'R'Us promotion (I assume it's over by now).

Step 2:

Purchase a $4 hardcover sketch book of similar dimensions at Barnes & Noble (preferably one that is blank on all sides!).

Step 3:

Use an X-acto knife to remove the blank inner pages. Don't be wasteful! Put them in your desk drawer for future scribbling.

Step 4:

Superglue unused picture frame hooks to the now-empty hard cover.

Step 5:

Use a paint pen to draw snazzy Epic Yarn graphics and text on your blank hard cover.

Step 6:

Gently bend the guide and slide the spiral binding into the hooks.

Step 7:

Enjoy your "free" (ok, $4) hard cover guide book!

Won't fall out!



Step 8:

Display it proudly on your book shelf, er, "nerd shelf" or whatever you call yours!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Site Chat Tonight!


It's Wednesday. Time for a Site Chat!

8pm EST is the time to be there.

This week's topic: anyone else participating in NWR's GoldenEye night this Saturday? Anyone interested in a GoldenEye Tournie on OUR site?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to the site chat this week. But, fortunately, my reason for not making it is that I'll be playing Super Mario Sunshine at a friend's house! Yay!

I'll check the room later this evening to get caught up on the discussion.

Rock on.