Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dragon Quest X might have enhancements for the Wii U console

In a shareholders meeting today Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada was asked about the possiblity of Dragon Quest X coming to the Wii U.Wada answered that they are looking into the technical aspects of the Wii U and if it would be possible for Wii disks to have some enhancements when used on the Wii U itself.

Basically Square Enix is looking into the Wii U hardware and seeing if they can make the Wii version work with the Wii U console without having to make a Wii U version.


Anonymous said...

Ia actually dont like this idea.

It shows a developers mind set in economics and it would be really sad if most companies just used wii dev kits.

Thats the point og making a nice new shiny system if devs are going to skimp on the production (YET AGAIN)


NinSage said...

Don't worry, Jim! It was a mistranslation. We'll run a correction post soon!