Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it Wednesday? Is it almost 8PM EST?

Yea? Then I guess it's just about time for a SITE CHAT!

You know the drill.  Just gonna kick it gamer-style with some flame free discussion.

Tonight's topics include (but are not limited to) :

===NinTemple Backloggery Anonymous
Does NinSage love Okami? hate it? or both??

===Import-ant games
Are we getting MH3G? Do we want it? Does the recent removal of Monado from mean the OpRainfall games are closer or further from localization?

===Cloud Gaming
Could it ever truly replace the current model?
Will the Wii U be left behind if Sony/MS opt for "cloud" gaming in the future?

===The Many Loves of Supa J. Kirbington
Has our young hero found his future Mrs. Kirbington? What about the rest of you? As Valentine's Day Thanksgiving approaches, are there any special someones you're thinking about?

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