Friday, August 12, 2011

Reggie keeping an eye on Operation Rainfall games and Operation Rainfall enters Phase two

Recently Reggie has been asked about the 3 RPGs heading to the West and he said that he will keep an eye on the sales of said titles for consideration for the west. He said this."Certainly if there are business opportunities and positive consumer uptake from some of those titles, that will be great data for us to consider as we look at what to do with these titles."

In response to said comments from Reggie Operation Rainfall will be entering the second phase. Here is the second phase from Operation Rainfall's site.

As part of Phase Two of Operation Rainfall, we very much want to see Xenoblade Chronicles sell exceptionally well in PAL regions. To all residents in the regions of Europe and Oceania, we encourage you to pre-order and purchase it at your earliest convenience. In the Americas, we encourage you to promote awareness of these titles. Good sales abroad will be a strong indicator for the title making it to American shores.

For those supporting our movement domestically don’t forget to write, stamp, and mail your letter to Nintendo of America this week. We’re hoping to get all those letters in the mail between August 13th and 17th so that they reach NOA at roughly the same time. Our goal is to have all letters ARRIVE at Nintendo of America offices on or close to August 19. If you prefer, we have a template for mail in letters featured on our website. Be sure to mention your promise to buy Xenoblade, and if relevant, your contribution to Child’s Play on our official website –

Also, as part of Phase Two we want to encourage everyone to make a single Virtual Console purchase on your Wii system. We specifically ask that as many as possible download “Final Fantasy (NES)” on the date of August 19, 2011 (to coincide with the Xenoblade Chronicles’ European launch date). Final Fantasy costs 500 Nintendo points and is published by Nintendo. If you already own the game, please consider purchasing the game as a gift for another Wii owner or making a donation to Child’s Play Foundation through the widget on our website. It’s important to donate through the widget on our website, so that the updated tally remains accurate. This purchase shows intent to buy products, which is important to businesses, please reference your purchase or donation in your letter, and hold off on making said purchase or donation until the 19th to coincide with the arrival of your letter, and the European release of Xenoblade Chronicles

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Mop_it_up said...

I don't know why Nintendo would watch sales of a whole different territory and market to determine if the games are worthwhile to release here, but I think there is still a possibility outside of that. If Nintendo have learned from the 3DS then they will be launching the Wii U in November 2012 to ensure that it sells at least a million units quickly, giving it a good start. If that's the case, they are going to need some more Wii games to release in the mean time, and for North America, that could mean these three games.