Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skyward Sword hunts and chat today.

Well I managed to grab a copy of Skyward Sword while at Target today and got some Double A batteries. I arrived just as the store was opening. I know our international friends got it a few days ago and if you did pick it up how do you like it so far with out delving into spoilers?

Also it just so happens that today is site chat so maybe we can talk about Zelda in the chat based on what everyone has played. I will be in the site chat today but in the meantime I will play some Zelda till 3pm PST


NinSage said...

I'll be there later (around 11 or midnight EST), but I will be there.

I won't be getting Skyward Sword until XMas so, I guess it's for the best anyway. =)

Maxi said...

I am in the chat right now alone.