Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hanafuda Cards: Get!

So we've been waiting to cash in our Club Nintendo points since we weren't going to make Platinum this past year and wanted to save them up for 2011-2012. We were also planning to buy the Hanafuda Card set (pictured). So, a few days ago we finally cashed in our points and purchased the set!

I'll have a full review of the item when they arrive in the mail in ... some amount of business days.

Has there even been an announcement on the 2010-2011 Platinum reward? I'm going to assume the Gold reward is still a nifty desk calendar as always =P.


Gwaihir Scout said...

Yeah, there was a announcement some time ago. I think the Platinum award is just some buttons. I also think it's too late to order it now.

I collect decks of playing cards, and I finally got the hanafuda cards last year. They're a lot smaller than you would think. Also plastic, but that's OK. Let me know if you figure out the rules. I couldn't make sense of them.

NinSage said...

ah yes, buttons sounds familiar now. I knew that.

I've seen the hanafuda cards on display at the Nintendo World Store so I'm prepared for their dimensions =)

Also, my wife and her Korean friend used to play hanafuda when they were kids, so, apparently she's gonna teach me how to play. If we figure it out I can try to tell you!!

Mop_it_up said...

Yeah, the Platinum award was a set of 25 Mario pins to celebrate Mario's 25th anniverasry. They actually look pretty spiffy, and I'd say this reward is better than the Mario hat or statue. But that's just me.

The deadline was July 31st, giving people a month to claim the prize.