Monday, June 28, 2010

Half way through 2010

Well today, June 28th, we are halfway through the year.
What are your thoughts on the year thus far?
Any games you still need to pick up from the first half of the year?
I still have to pick up No More Heroes:Desperate Struggle and Tatsunoko vs Capcom. As well as Fragile Dreams and Red Steel 2.
Has anything in particular surprised you the first half of the year?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prepare for Pokemon Infestation!

hey all, the bare bones info for the Pokemon Bug Type Tourney is up in the Tournies section.

Check it out! Then buzz on over to the forums to sign up!

Monday, June 21, 2010

RUMOR - Guitar String Controller Silenced

The Harmonix/Fender/MTV Games peripheral that uses real strings for game input may be on hold or canceled all together.

Our source demanded anonymity but has spoken with someone "directly working on the project," and went on to say "there is a rather large error found in the software that is not allowing for the guitar to work. The guitar might not ship at all, or at least not launch with the software as the software problem is rather large."

Is this rumor cause for concern or just an expected hiccup in the progress towards new hardware? Has anyone else got information that might shed more light on this subject? Anyone had first-hand experience with the peripheral?

The Hunt Rages On

So MH3 has been out for two months now.

Here's the deal: I'm still completely obsessed with it. Seems like everyone else is too. This past week I've had some excellent quests with Mop, Maxi, Luxray, hoseph and other members of the WiiAreDeep community.

I know E3 has taken everyone's attention from the present to the future, but at least we have awesome gaming to pass the time until the future becomes the present.

How has MH3 been for you? Is it what you were expecting? More? Less?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, well, well... E3 2010.

What were your hopes? What were your dreams?

Doesn't matter - they all just came true at Nintendo's conference.

Let me give you my impressions.

The Bad:
-Zelda's control. I hope there is a good explanation for why that didn't work on stage and I have faith it will work fine at home.
-Kirby's design in the game. I love Kirby's usual look. I love the way that game looks. I just wish the normal Kirby appeared in that awesome looking game! The yarn Kirby is a little sad for me.

The Good:

Kid Icarus!? YES!!!
Donkey Kong Country!? YES!!!
Prof Layton!? YES!!!

Bye bye, wallet, it was nice knowing you!

What do you guys think?

Nintendo's Press conference starts in 40 minutes! is where the live stream is going to be.I will likely be watching that stream.
Gametrailers,IGN, and Gamespot will likely having video streams as well. Feel free to use this blog post to comment on the goings on of Nintendo's conference or better yet check out the chat room or the forums to post your thoughts.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Project Natal becomes Microsoft Kinect

Well yesterday Microsoft had a reveiling of Microsoft Kinect.


I thought the name was good before with Natal but I guess things change.
The software at launch is going to be similar to titles that Nintendo has had. Wii Sports,Mario Kart,Nintendogs(except Microsoft is doing a game about cats)
There will be a dance game as well from MTV.
Other than those few there will be something from LucasArts and Disney.
Rumors around have been circlating that Kinect will have 2 versions and that it will cost $149 for the higher end model.
Your thoughts on Kinect?

Friday, June 11, 2010

New ... and Improved?

Hey all.

Does the new look of the blog work well for everyone?

I've had some massive layout issues with it and tried to resolve them best I can but I'm not sure how they will look on all screens.

Please let me know if you have any positive or negative feedback and I'll put it to good use!

PS - an E3 draws near. command?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Earthbound is 15 years old today!

So I came across this and I am pretty excited about it. Earthbound is 15 years old.

I myself haven't played Earthbound.At the time of its release I wasn't really into RPGs yet. So it was somewhat not noticed by me. A few years ago I started to notice the series thanks to the inclusion of Ness in the Smash Bros games.

Do we have any Earthbound fans here?

If so what are your experences with the game? Are you one of the long time fans of the series or are you a newcomer to the series?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the series.:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Everybody

Hello all of Wiiaredeeps members and future members.:) I am going to be contributing here on the front page as well as Crashman. I thank Crashman for letting me do this.

Just a little about me. I am a Nintendo fan through and through. I like to try out new games when I get a chance. I also enjoy the Classics as well. Other than games I enjoy playing Basketball and swimming.

So yes that is a little bit about me.

I hope everybody here enjoy my contributions to this great site.