Friday, December 23, 2011

~~~NinTemple GOTY Awards 2011~~~

You've speculated over it, you've racked your brains, and now - finally - it's here! The NinTemple GOTY Awards for 2011!

Remember, I do the awards based on games I played for the first time in 2011. It just makes more sense that way. So, some notable games I have not yet played as of 2011 include Lost in Shadow, Epic Mickey, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby Returns to Dreamland, Sin & Punishment 2, Fragile Dreams, Bit.Trip Complete, Ivy the Kiwi, Prof Layton: Last Spectre, Kirby Mass Attack, and... probably many others I'm forgetting.

Let it begiiiin!

Another Code R
Amazingly, 2011 has marked a return of the point and click adventure game for me. Thanks to soft-modding my Wii for Xenoblade purposes (which I now won't have to use), I was able to import/play Another Code R. The sequel to the awesome DS game did a great job expanding on the events of the first. One indication that a game has a good narrative is that things get more and more intriguing as the game unfolds. What starts as a curious visit to her father's research site gradually uncovers fiendish plots and life or death situations! Well done, Cing, you'll be missed!
Honorable Mentions: Okami, Prof Layton: Unwound Future

Horizon Riders
For years I've thought someone needed to make an action game using the Balance Board. Finally, Horizon Riders got its shmups in my full-body, mildly-health-inducing motion control.
Honorable Mentions: Okami, Puzzle Quest 2

Donkey Kong Country Returns
You try getting 100% in that game without having that CCPro hack. I did it, and I gotta say, it felt great. It was challenging but almost never frustrating. You did it again, Retro! Can't see what else ya got up your sleeve!
Honorable Mentions: Horizon Riders, Pokemon White

Sonic Colors
Another third party takes the Wii hardware seriously? Well, I guess once or twice a year is a start. Sonic Colors lives up to its name in a good way. It shows that games can use every color in the crayon box, look crisp, and pretty all at the same time. Finally, SEGA made a Sonic game everyone color fall in love with again... even though everyone promptly forgot that when Generations came out. =P
Honorable Mentions: Okami, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Conduit 2
Amazing how being able to customize every little thing and IR pointers gives top-notch FPS controls.
Honorable Mentions: Ghostbusters, Okamiden, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Obviously the drawing mechanics and the pointer controls are all brilliant. However, the fatal flaw in Okami is that they made too many brush techniques too similar. Want to bloom a tree? Too bad, you brought out the Sun. Or, at least the game thinks you did, and thus bloom still won't work 89% of the time you try to use it (more or less). I think I cast that Thunderstorm technique twice in the entire game. Not good enough, Capcom!
Honorable Mentions: Starfox Command, DKCR

2P Co-op, third-person action with pointer-shooting, and you don't have to stay five virtual feet away from each other. That's some bad-ass multiplayer, Atari.
Honorable Mentions: DKCR, Conduit 2

Pokemon White
The game is absolutely stellar in 100 ways. However, I was really hoping this would be the PKMN that finally got the multiplayer right. Some kind of MMO aspects or at least some good online co-op. But no, the online has no meaningful co-op and the competitive multiplayer has no penalty for rage-quitters. NO. PENALTY. FOR. RAGE-QUITTERS. And believe me, online Pokemon fans the world over are, apparently, sore losers.
Honorable Mentions: Conduit 2, Monster Tale

===MOST "FUN"===
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Brilliant platforming, brilliant co-op and intense "set piece" moments made this game a thoroughly enjoyable romp and a triumphant comeback for our favorite tie-wearing ape.
Honorable Mentions: Sonic Colors, Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Honestly, it was a close call with Sonic Colors. But DKCR just felt more polished and richer in content. The lack of CCPro support was a diabolical and utterly moronic decision, however, one mistake can't hold back this powerhouse of a game. Congrats, Kong, this year you're ... top banana. waka waka waka!!
Honorable Mentions: Sonic Colors, Prof Layton: Unwound Future

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