Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some News is Good News

Here's a little lovefest I've put together from recent news.

Tatsunoko Vs. Myths

"On the topic of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom's sales-

'[Tatsunoko Vs Capcom] certainly beat the initial expectations. It didn't set any land speed records, but it was a success. And that's really saying something considering that we're talking about a game that was not only never coming out, but has a title that most people can't even pronounce.'

It's nice to hear a developer own up to the notion that when their games don't set any 'land speed' sales records on the Wii, it's not necessarily the fault of the Wii and/or its audience. Games that start with the word Tatsunoko, ultra-violent, black-and-white beat 'em ups, FPSs with no online play; no matter how great these games may be, publishers should [not] expect them to sell in the millions, not on the Wii, not on any platform."


Sega Confirms Their Success on the Wii

"Overall, Sega remains a big supporter of the Wii, Hayes stressed. 'Our general view of the Wii is that it's a platform that's done Sega particularly proud; we've been very supportive of it with the success we've had with the Mario & Sonic series, success we've had with the Sonic series, and some of the redesigned IP like House of the Dead. So the Wii remains a very important part of our mix. So you will see certainly quite a few more announcements on Wii titles that Sega will be producing and publishing,' he said."


HVS Continues to be Awesome

"There is a definitely an audience out there. We remain a Wii-exclusive title and clearly did well-enough to warrant a sequel. At the end of the day, that’s really all that I can ask for." - Josh Olson, High Voltage


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks for Shooting!

Hey all, just wanted to say a big thanks for Saturday's Conduit showdown. I think I speak for everyone when I say: it was a great time.

So, couldn't have done it with you you awesome folks. Aside from myself we had: Maxi, Mop_it_up, G. Scout, BwrJim, Luxray20, EasyCure, Arkia, bustin98, and a special guest appearance by Gaubot.

Special thanks to Maxi & Mop for coordinating the whole darn thing.

Let's do it all again soon, gang!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

WAD vs. NWR Conduit showdown!!

That's right, friends! Today is the big Wii Are Deep vs. Nintendo World Report Conduit showdown!!

And by "showdown" we mean entirely friendly set of matches that is not even designed to determine a winner. How much friendlier can you get!?

But it is designed to produce fun! And I think that's a great output.

Game times are at 2PM EST today and 11PM EST tonight. Join the site Chat or hop on the Forums to get involved!!

[UPDATED 9:45PM] Here are the rosters...

WAD: CrashMan, Arkia, BwrJim, G.Scout and special guest, Gaubot.
NWR: Maxi (I know, it's cool), Mop_it_up (I know, it's cool), and bustin98.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Difference? Maybe. Noticed? Yup!

So there have been some murmurs that we might finally get some news about the long-announced Dragon Quest X for the Wii.

The (sometimes) good folks over at Kotaku ran this story and ran it in a very objective, professional manner. Observe: [link]

Now, if you look over many of the initial comments, you'll find plenty of non-Wii gamers whining and complaining about why this (presumably awesome) game is coming exclusively to the Wii.

I was immediately reminded of an online cartoon I once saw, and though I couldn't find that cartoon in a quick google search, I crafted a comment that embodied the message of that cartoon.

Well, cool as he is, the Kotaku user "Justinzero" appreciated my comment enough to post it on his blog. You can find Justin's blog, and my comment, here: [link]

If you look in the comments on Kotaku, you'll see that several people (including Justin) agreed with what I had to say. So did I make a difference? Well, it's really hard to make a difference on the internet, right? But did some people sit up and take notice? Yup. And that's the first step, is it not? I mean, that's why I even bother posting at a place like Kotaku ... in the hopes someone will notice enough to feel like maybe their minority view isn't so minor.

The only way gaming journalism and game culture will change is if enough people are brave enough to open their mouths and ask for it.

It's no fun, but I try to do my small part. Do you?

Monday, April 12, 2010


Just thought I'd get around to sharing this because it seems so darn rare to hear a dev vocalize this sentiment:

Nintendo Life: "The Grinder has gone multiplatform; will Conduit 2 follow suit or remain Wii-exclusive?"

Josh Olsen (HVS):
"We’re staying Wii-exclusive. We like the Wii."



Friday, April 9, 2010

RECOM: Sonic Unleashed by Rocket

Sonic Unleashed
by Rocket (Contributing Author) | Edited by Mop_it_up (Site Editor)

Playing as Werehog Sonic with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk feels amazing.

To recommend Sonic Unleashed - a Sonic game where you spend most of your time not running at high speed, but as a roaming beat 'em up style platformer - would take someone who genuinely enjoyed these levels. I'd like to tell you why these sections are at least worth trying out.

With the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you just have to do little alternating flicks of your wrists to get Sonic punching. The other control method, which is to keep tapping the shoulder buttons, can get tiring very quickly. This is why I'm convinced playing as Werehog Sonic was primarily designed for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. A little flick is all it takes to fling a crate at an enemy, which feels quite satisfying as opposed to button pressing.

When you're not punching, you use the Wii Remote to do platforming tasks. These include swinging the Wii Remote when Sonic's hanging off of poles sticking out from the wall, and doing alternating drumstick motions with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk when climbing to the top of a pole sticking out of the ground. It's fun and involving to do this. I'd imagine using a different control scheme where you're only pressing buttons instead must make the game feel so much like just another generic platformer. Pulling the Wii Remote and Nunchuk upwards to open a door adds to the experience, making you really feel like you're the character making his way through the level.

It takes some time getting used to the fact that you're not running all the time in a Sonic game, so I suggest you approach the Werehog sections with an open mind as they take longer to play than the daytime ones where you do get to run fast. The daytime running sections are very much like high speed roller coasters, and Sonic feels like he's just a racing car with legs during these levels. The Wii Remote's motion controls help to make them more fun than that. A swing will give Sonic a burst of speed or activate his homing attack when a target appears onscreen.

It feels really satisfying to do this! Like hitting a ball with a bat and really sending it flying, except you're hitting Sonic with your remote and making him go so fast he breaks the sound barrier. Pressing a button to do it couldn't possibly be as fun. It's definitely more fun than doing the spin dash in the older Sonic games.

Then there's defeating a chain of enemies with homing attacks as we've done before in previous Sonic games, but this time you feel each individual "WHACK!" with each swing you do with the remote. I never want to do this with just buttons again after experiencing this, it would be a massive step backwards.

There's one thing I'm glad the Wii version doesn't have, and that is the outer hub sections the 360 and PS3 versions have. In those versions you have to wander around to find people to talk to, and find out where you are to go next. In the Wii version, you just select these people from the map. I suppose with the other versions that makes it feel more like a "World Adventure" (part of the Japanese title of the game), but the approach with the Wii version helps put more emphasis on the action stages.

Sega's experiment with the slower, brawlier Sonic the Werehog is a fun and successful one, as long as you don't play with just buttons. The motion controls really make this game more involving and fun, and it is the best way to play if you're curious enough to check it out.

Everyone Needs to Read This

The guys over at NintendoEverything put some effort into quantifying the reality of Wii sales versus the HD consoles.

Now, obviously this doesn't mean every 3rd party Wii game is a success ... but it does show that things are a lot more balanced than "hardcore" media would lead you to believe.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hey, gang. I found a little time to hop online, found this, and thought I should share.

Unlike the author, I don't think there was ever reason to let the Wii gather dust, but I post his article because it is the epitome of what this site hopes for: a day when "hardcore" gamers chill out, open their eyes, and realize that quality gaming comes in more than just HD resolutions.

So thanks, Jim. Even though you're getting a lot of flak in the comments. You've done the right thing.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Alright, folks ... I hope you all enjoyed our April Fools special. I'm sure I'll have some other hilarity for next year. And if you missed it? Well you should check the front page more often! ^_^

Anyway, I am heading out of town tomorrow to spend Easter weekend with my in-laws.

I'll be back on Monday. Try not to trash the place while I'm gone. I'm looking at you, Rocket! jk jk

So, happy Easter to those who partake. Even for those who don't, maybe you can celebrate by playing some nice [egg-themed games], hmm?

By the way, this community is pretty awesome. I wonder if I thank you all enough for that?


See ya in a few...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Red Ain't Dead!!

Ok, that's it. I am sick and tired of the mainstream media and fellow gamers making fun of the most innovative, immersive console of all time. Of course, I'm speaking of the Virtual Boy.

So from now on, that's what our site will be focused on.

Spreading the word of the Virtual Boy and it's small but potent library of games.

I hope you're ready as we take these first important steps towards true gaming reality -- virtual reality.