Saturday, October 31, 2009

Adam Sessler? 95% wrong. =(



I tried to make this post but it kept telling me to "refrain from profanity" ... I don't... see... any profanity. so anyway, i guess I'll just preach to the choir and share it with you guys!


I.... I just don't get it.

what has Nintendo done to make you folks at G4 so .... bitter?

I mean, first you make it look ever-so-painfully to have to suffer the buuuuurden of discussing the Wii.

you quickly "get that out of the way" to discuss what I presume you consider the "real" consoles, am I right?

and in doing so, you show footage of Wii Fit Plus.

let's assume for a minute that you're soooo above the Wii because that's what your audience demands. .... well then why would that "hardcore" audience want to see Wii Fit Plus!? why not show A Boy and his Blob? Muramasa? Darkside Chronicles? NSMBWii? there are plenty of other candidates for new/forthcoming Wii games that your audience WOULD enjoy if they even knew about them.

you talk about the Wii audience being "uninformed" - when I talk to """hardcore""" gamers about the Wii, they have no idea about the GOOD games available on the system! why? it ain't cuz they don't exist. it's because of videos like this that don't even mention them!!

ok, that's my first point.

my second point of utter confusion is how once you complete the seemingly arduous task of discussing the Wii and saying how the only reason it doesn't need a successor is because its audience is too "uninformed" to "know what it's missing" - you then go on to say how the forthcoming MOTION CONTROL from Sony/MS has you all excited for the future!!

hello!? if that's your deal then the future is now, my man! go buy a motion plus - it's a whole lot cheaper than the Sony [name here] will be. and trust me, they've got swordplay.

lastly, you say how proud you are that devs can focus on the GAMES instead of just making things pretty and calling it a new experience. isn't that exactly why we have games like ABAHBlob and Muramasa on the Wii? because those devs have already matured to that ideal?

have you really become that chained to HD? are you really operating under the short-sightedness that PS3/60 graphics will never grow stale but that the Wii already has?

I... I just really struggle with the logic, G4.

and do you know why I struggle? do ya know why I make these silly posts instead of just ignoring you all together? it's because I used to REALLY love your programming!! before E3'08 I could look forward to an evening of X-Play, AOTS and my video game of choice.

but ever since E3'08, watching those shows just feels like I'm being mocked because I'm not welcome in your elitist club w/o a PS3/60.

I have an HDTV.
I've been a passionate gamer since Atari (not jaguar).
I genuinely enjoy the Wii and its library of games.
let me - and those like me - back in to your club, Adam! we want to be friends again.... =\


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morgan Webb? 100% wrong.

this is just beyond comprehension. check out Morgan's report on Ratchet&Clank and her evaluation of Super Mario Galaxy by comparison.


watched it? good. let's summarize:

R&C - has shooting and belching fish gun - thus - it's for adults.
SMG - is on the Wii, thus it is insulting for adults and just for kids.

G4 used to be for gamers. now it's for fratboys that play PS3/60s. that's sad, and I believe it will eventually kill their ratings until their doors close for good.

just imagine if they could tap into Nintendo's audience... shouldn't THAT be part of their marketing strategy!?

Monday, October 26, 2009

this guy gets it

great article on why the Wii deserves equal respect from ALL gamers.


Friday, October 23, 2009


in case you hadn't noticed, things have been upgraded around here. (clear your cache and hit reload if things just look broken!)

two things to keep in mind for now:

1. there are still some tweaks being made. don't panic if something seems amiss.

2. join our Pokemon team =D

Monday, October 19, 2009

thank you, Classic Controller!!!

so when I first got the Wii, I downloaded a VC title that I had always wanted to play but never did: Beyond Oasis for the Sega Genesis.

I found the normal wiimote was a little less than ideal for the game, so I went out and purchased a Classic Controller. problem solved. it felt great.

long after completing the game, I was a little sad with my purchase of the CC. since Beyond Oasis, I had only used it for one other game, Gyrostarr. and while it did feel better, I found that the normal wiimote is fine for Gyrostarr if the CC isn't within arms reach =P

fast forward again and I am playing Muramasa. I'm absolutely loving the game, but I'm a little frustrated with the "push up to jump" function. at first I thought I would love it because it feels like you're playing a fighting game (ala Street Fighter) but you aren't just limited to one opponent. even the direction + attack mechanic is reminiscent of a fighting game.

however, the analog nature of the analog stick made it kind of cumbersome. especially since the game relies heavily on carefully aimed jumps and DOUBLE jumps. (note: I had similar frustration with the GC controller's stick.)

enter, my forgotten savior, the CLASSIC CONTROLLER!! THANK YOU CLASSIC CONTROLLER!!! that thing gave an awesome game awesome controls. the d-pad on that puppy is big and comfy and my enjoyment of Muramasa was increased exponentially.

so, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone... maybe you have a Nyko Perfect Shot, or a WiiZapper, or a turbo GC controller... and maybe they aren't seeming like the great buys they were on day one. but don't forget about them. they are just tools, and someday, they might be just the one you need!!

ps - Muramasa rocks my socks off. I still need to get one of the characters "best" endings, but the first one is soooooooo sweet. =)

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Revolution - Episode 5: one hundred percent

are YOU a gaming completionist?? take a listen and think about it.

listen to Episode 5 by clicking on the iTunes icon above, or downloading the MP3 from the link in the episode's forum topic - [forum topic here]

ps - it sometimes takes iTunes multiple hours to update. so if you're reading this shortly after I've posted it, either be patient or just grab the mp3! either way... listen and discuss =D

if you're good you'll get a treat!

I'll have the next episode of The Revolution on iTunes & MP3 tomorrow.

...but only if you're good! =P

now? it's time for bed. sweet dreams.

Friday, October 2, 2009


hey all.

I'm curious what your results would be for this gameplay style test.

take the test here:

and discuss your results ON THE FORUM or in the comments of this post!

get to it!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


*ahem* ... sorry.

this new version of the homepage should really allow me to provide new content faster'n'furious-er.

I'm excited.