Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Xenoblade Chronicles preorder list and 83 things to know about the game.

So there is 10 days till Xenoblade comes out in the west for the Wii and up till then I am going to be posting news and videos on the front page.

First up if you haven't preordered the game here is some links to where they are accepting preorders.

Oh also in store at any gamestop will be taking preorders. preorder 
EB Games Canada
Nintendo's online store
Play Asia preorder
 Game preorder.
todojuegos Chile preorder
livrariasaraiva Brazil preorder

Finally this store will have it but they are not taking preorders.
zmart Chile

If there is anything added to the preorder list I will update this list.

Next put up the 83 tidbits of the day that they have been compiling into one post. If you are in the dark about the game this list should provide you with ample infomation.

83 things to know about Xenoblade Chronicles.

Gonna put up a review post about the game next and should be up before the site chat happens in 3 hours.

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