Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Pachy Awards: Wii HD

Welcome to the first installment of a new ongoing addition to the site.  It's a little something I'm calling "The Pachy Awards" or just "The Pachys" for short.  Y'know, like the Grammys or Emmys.

But, instead of an award for great music or television programming, the Pachy is given out for instances of especially short-sighted or foolish predictions/statements from the gaming media that have since proven to be incorrect!  Fittingly, they are named after the king of the short-sighted, the master of the foolish prediction/statement, Mr. Michael Pachter!

I was motivated to create this award because I'm sick of members of the gaming media being able to say whatever outlandish, foolish, thing they want, and then never being held accountable because the fleeting nature of the internet means that by the time the prediction can be confirmed, no one ever calls them on the prediction - if they can remember it at all!!

Now, I'm sure Mr. Pachter will make plenty of appearances on this list, and for the first installment, I think I would be remiss to ignore the Attack man.  So let's get this started with a bang and get the biggest, most-obvious one out of the way first... the Wii HD!

Mr. Pachter's infatuation with the Wii HD dates back to, at least, October 2008.  That's less than two years after the launch of the Wii (November 2006)!  Back in October '08, Pachter was quoted as saying, "A Wii HD would really position Nintendo well, which is why I'm absolutely convinced there is a Wii HD coming." "Business-wise, they can't have people saying that their machine is a toy for my mom."  Oh no, Mr. Pachter, certainly no game company can have a successful business unless people think their console is for agressive, teenage boys!

Through Oct 2008
Wii: 34,073,009
X360: 21,456,002
PS3: 15,790,979

Hmmm, well certainly a year or so later Pachter would swallow his pride and alter his view to reflect reality, right?

“We expect Nintendo to sustain their competitive advantage by introducing a high definition version of the Wii, perhaps as early as the end of 2010, in order to convert its large installed base into true ‘next-generation’ households.”

... why the heck would Nintendo want to convert its own install base? To start losing money on hardware like the other companies?  Also, looks to me like Nintendo's motion control tech put them pretty far out "next" in whatever generation this is...

Through Jun 2009
Wii: 50,429,471
X360: 30,276,094
PS3: 22,700,999

OK, so, by 2010, Pachter gets the picture right?

“I think the biggest surprise [of 2010] will be the introduction of the Wii HD.”

Oh good lord ...
Well, Pach-man, you honor the trophy I've built in your name by having... no idea about the importance of HD during the 7th console generation.

Through Feb 2012
Wii: 95,169,269
X360: 65,040,583
PS3: 61,905,514

Congratulations, Pach! May your award go on to (dis)grace many a fellow incompetent member of the gaming media!


Maxi said...

I like it. I can't wait for future installments of it.

chrisbg99 said...

He does tend to double down on the dumb comments no matter how often proven wrong.

Matto said...

Patcher is like a leech. He craves attention by trolling the most profitable company in gaming is always wrong in the process.