Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What do our followers want from the site?

I would like to thank all the followers to the new Twitter account for following the new account and I know some of you but I wanted to know what specifically you want as far as content from the site. I know some general stuff based on what I know of you but I would like specifics.  Thanks again for following the site and we will do our best to bring the content to you.

Let me add to this real quick on some things that we used to do that we don't do that much any more do to being busy and lack of participation.

Recoms. Basically this is a review but we don't give it a score and we just go over what we actually liked about the game without dwelling in the negatives to much. We have a few here just use the search feature and search for Recom. Basically if you are a member of the forums you can write a recom and it can be posted on the main blog here and then it will be tweeted out. Mop it up and NinSage would handle editing and posting of it on the site and I would tweet about it.

We used to do Game nights and or Tourneys but we haven't done that in a while. The last offical one was Tetris Party. All the ones we did are in the extra part of the main site found here. I still haven't won one so I still have to try to redeem myself so maybe we can get things going again if you guys want to get this going again.

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