Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Wallpapers Galore!

Check it out, ya'll... I've uploaded a bunch of the video game wallpapers I've made since the last Extras page update.  I've also removed some of the... less awesome... ones.  So! Check 'em out.  Who knows, you might just find something to spruce up your electronic device!


Greg Meyer said...

Downloaded a bunch of them today. I love the A Boy and His Blob one.

If I may, I have two requests when you have the free time. One for Earthbound (or entire Mother series), and one for Fragile Dreams. Maybe go for Xenoblade and The Last Story when it comes closer to their release dates. Only if you have time, though.

NinSage said...

I'm sure I could make at least some of those happen!

Greg Meyer said...

Ugh, rereading that post, I think I came off too strongly. I'm enjoying the backgrounds, and look forward to the next batch whenever you choose to make them.

BTW, I showed my wife your "TofuFury" and Bowser & Luigi swapnote. She loved them and thinks you're a great artist.