Monday, March 12, 2012

Nintemple Backloggery Anonymous of the Month game 2

Well it has been decided for this month that Lost in Shadow is going to be the Nintemple Backloggery Anonymous game of the month. All of us here have a large backlog of games and well we are doing this to clear our games before the next batch of consoles are coming out.  If you don't have Lost in Shadow on your Backlog then that's fine we have a topic for that too.

Here is the Lost in Shadow topic for those that have it on their backlog.

Here is the topic for any other games you may have on your backlog that you want to work through this month that you want to talk about.

And if you decide to join the forum and want to add your backlog of games to a topic here is the place to do it.

Hope everyone has fun trying beat their game of choice this month.

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