Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Site Chat

Hello, all you cool NinTemplers, you.

Wednesday's 8PM EST Site Chat will take place as scheduled but with a few exceptions.  I, NinSage, will not be arriving until about 9PM.  My excuse? The local arcade has half-off Wednesdays and I have a coupon.  Free gaming!!

Maxi will also be arriving around 9PM as he had an unavoidable commitment pop up at the last minute.

That said, how's the NinTemple Backloggery Anonymous game, Lost in Shadow, treating you? Have you beaten it? Mastered it? ... played it? Regardless, let's talk about it!

As well as my absurd interaction with Nintendo Customer Service!  It's all on the next NinTemple Siiiiiiiite Chaaaaaaaaaat!!!!

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