Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Pandora's Tower trailer

Well a new Trailer was released today for Pandora's Tower 

It currently has a April 13th release date for Europe.

I am actually pretty excited for this game. I think it has to do with the motion controls and the different endings the game has and I think it has a pretty good chance of coming out here. I mean Epic Mickey 2 is coming out this fall for the Wii so surely the Wii still has life in it to have Pandora's Tower to come out as well.

Also for our European members and or importing twitter followers here is the Pandora's Tower topic on the forum.

Nintemple Pandora's Tower Topic

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NinSage said...

I am 1000% interested in this title. From the day all 3 OpRainfall games were identified I wanted this one the most.

Don't worry, I'm not just saying that now that it's the only one not yet confirmed for NA release.

The flesh-eating bits still gross me out and I'd rather they not be in the game, but, the rest of it looks super fun.

If too much time goes by, I'll import the sucker.