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Xenoblade Chronicle Artbook photos

Well I got the last art book from my local Gamestop so I will be putting the art book here for all to see. I will put them all after the break. I guess I will put my thoughts her about the art book here about the art book here it is solidly made and it is pretty nice and there is small things I didn't notice about it at first glance I didn't see like the little border on the left and right side of the pages. Since most of the art in the art book is of nature it kinda blends the nature and mechanical. Also my sister was helping me take the photos and she said that the art was pretty impressive. Now for my sister to say that type of thing about a game you know it has to be impressive. She doesn't play many games with me. Anyway enjoy the art after the break.

This is the cover for the artbook.  The characters of the game on the cover is slightly outwards when you put your hand out them. The inside cover is all black but where the characters are it is much like the cover it all has the outline of the characters.

Here is the 3rd page of the art book. It is simple and it has the Monado Blade and the words Xenoblade Chronicles and Art Book above it. There is the word Wii down in the bottom right hand corner but I couldn't get it in the shot.

There is some wording on the left side of the next picture so I will type that up here. "In the beginning, two great Titans-Bionis and Meconis-Fight an epic battle until only their lifeless bodies remain. After eons pass a race of humans known as Homs develop a civilization on Bionus, while a race of machines known as the Mechron inhabits Mechonis. Both Races, Like the great Titans before them, are locked in a seemingly endless war."

The next picture is of Colony 9. "Shulk lounges in the grass near a friendly hand bunnit high above Colony 9,located near the leg of the Bionus. The thriving colony is built into a cliff, with the walkways suspended over Cliff Lake. "

This is Raguel Lake. "The Far-off Mechonis is visible from the great plains of the Bionis's Leg. A beautiful area surrounded by lush plains and teeming with dangerous wildlife." 
This is Satorl Marsh.
"Shulk enters a mysterious marshland scattered with ruins  from the High Entia. A legendary race who live on the head of the Bionis. The Marsh and some of its creatures  radiate an ethereal glow at nightfall."
This is Makna Forest.
 "Melia of the High Entia and Riki of the Nopon pause outside the Frontier Village in the Makna Forest. The tropical Forest's humid ecosystem allows large creatures not found elsewhere to thrive and flourish.
 This is Frontier Village.
"Home of the Nopon Race, This is a peaceful haven built inside a Giant tree in the Makna Forest and is removed from the chaos of the outside world. Riki revels in the peace and quite of his home before starting on his journey."
This is Eryth Sea.
"Shulk prepares for his journey by the Eryth Sea. Located on the head of of the Bionis. Floating Islands high above the sea form the only viable path to Alcamoth. The High Entia's Floating city, which boasts technology far beyond anything the Homs could ever imagine."

This is the Sword Valley.
"The Sword Wielded by Mechonis is in the battle against Bionis forms a valley  between the two Titans. Either causes a mysterious green glow-what purpose these lights serve is uncertain. Shulk and Dunban prepare to cross the valley as the Mechonis looms overhead."

Had to cut this next one into two parts.It is the characters in the game and a small description of the characters.From Left to right.
Shulk.  Hom. A young Weapons reasearcher from Colony 9 who sets out to destoy the Mechon who attacked his colony.

Fiora. Hom.An energetic young woman. Fiora is Dunban's sister  and a childhood friend of Shulk's.

Reyn. Hom. AHotheaded Member of the Colony 9 Defense Force, and Shulk's Childhood friend. Reyn joins him in the fight against the Mechon.

Melia. High Entia. A young member of the High Entia Race who specialize in ether attacks.

Sharla. Hom. An Excellent Sharpshooter and medic in the Colony 6 Defense Force.

Dunban. Hom. Fiora's Older brother and Hero of the Homs. He once defeated countless Mechon with the Monado Sword.

Riki. Nopon. A hero of the Nopon, A race of peaceful Merchants. He acts and speaks like a child-But holds a secret...

This is Metal Face.
And this is Xord.
Finally the back cover.

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