Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Club Nintendo Items for Aussies

So I was not aware of this but Club Nintendo in Australia recently announced their 4th anniversary gifts for the region. Here they are.

Golden Nunchuk
Stars: 3000Club_Nintendo_New_Items.jpg
Go gold with Club Nintendo's exclusive "Gold" edition Nunchuk. A perfect companion for your Wii Remote.

Also there is this.

Nintendo 3DS Pouch : Mario Hat / Luigi Hat
Stars: 1300 each Club_Nintendo_New_Items_2.jpg
A soft pouch for storing your Nintendo 3DS console in the iconic style of Mario's or Luigi's hat.
Also fits Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS (does not fit Nintendo DSi XL).

I found these over here.

Any thoughts on what NOA will do for a Club Nintendo item for anniversary for North American's I think the site opened up for us in  December 2008 I want to say.

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