Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Pach Is Right

I'll admit it.  After all these years I finally see the light.  Michael Pachter was right.  Nintendo.... they're just doomed.  They don't have enough $2 games, they haven't cut price enough, their online sucks, they don't charge extra for online services. 

It's over.  Pach wins.  I can't believe I didn't see his point sooner.

What a fool I was!! And what a genius Pachter is.

I now submit this new, repurposed website,, as an open apology to the man... Michael Pachter.


Grubdog said...

I heard Pachter just became President of Nintendo America! Finally, we can look forward to proper user-targeted content!

Maxi said...

Its about time you came around to his thinking Sage. Most of us here have been secretly backing him for a while. Join the Pachter Pack!

In all seriousness I am already laughing at what is happening today on websites.