Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trail's Gone Cold

I had a busy day today. My schedule took me from out of town to mid-town to downtown and back home. During the course of this jaunt I was able to spare a few minutes to bother GameStop managers at three different locations and in two different cities.

None of them had even HEARD of Pandora's Tower. Obviously, that means they also did not have any knowledge of corporate emails telling them to begin promoting the game.

So, that's the update. Not a good day for the "let's prove NinSage isn't crazy" cause.

We'll try again this weekend, eh?


Maxi said...

Hmm that is discouraging to hear. On the plus side operation rainfall is starting their campaign tomorrow for Pandora's Tower.I gotta go confirm some other things about something else and then I was going to throw up a post about it before I went to bed.

Maxi said...
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