Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pandora's Tower Day 3:Controls and Gameplay

First lets get what you can use to control the game with out of the way. You can use the Wii remote or Classic controller to play this game. Either Pro or normal will work.

As far as controls go here is the basic gist of it. You have a sword which is controlled by a button and there is a pointer aimed chain. With this simple and effective combat system you can mix the combat up from close and long range.

 For example you can use the chain to target specific body parts on larger foes, tie up foes at the welterweight level and bind small fries together so you can focus on their larger brethren. You can wrap your chain around an enemy and then hit it with your sword. You can get enemies from the sky and then fling them back with a crack of the chain. Then you point where you want to lob it then press A and B together. You can use air born enemies to attack ground bound enemies.

As  for the Classic Controller combat that is all done with the buttons.
There is a lot of options.Try stuff out! 

Now for the the traversing of the tower the chain does play a pretty good role in the game. There is grapple between cliff and cliff, swing between bars, and use the chain on levers. There is some puzzles like using the chain to create new pathways among other things.Thinking out of the box helps.

Oh I should also mention that there is the aspect of the items. Basically there is the point  that you have a certain amount of item space and time to make it to and and back to Elena. You have 30 total items that you can carry to start.I should also note that there is a place where you can put your items for future use at the observatory. I believe you can go back to Elena at any time and feed her anything you get from monsters but you need to get to the the top of the Tower and beat the boss and feed it to her to to get her restored fully and then on to the next tower. After you beat the boss you you can get back the observatory by warping there. The faster you do it the better. Speed Runners are gonna love this game.

Finally I will leave you with this it is the UK Launch trailer. Isn't that great music? I will be focusing on that next time. 

  Okay here is the  Basic Wii Remote controls.

Control stick Moves Aeron around.
 A is your sword attack and you can do this up to 5 times. Hold it down to for a powerful uppercut. 
B is your Chain,  grab items, reach new heights, and zoom in.
Z is your guard and you can move the control stick to dodge or strife while still holding it.
C is to pick up items and to open treasure chests.
The control pad when you move it to the left or right it scrolls between items and when you press either up or down on the control pad it uses the item. Those are the basic controls out in the Towers.

These are the controls in the Observatory.

The control stick moves Aeron around.

The A button allows you to speak with people.
The C button picks up items.
Finally the Z button centers the camera to see Elena.

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