Monday, April 9, 2012

Pandora's Tower Day 1

This is going to be an introductory post into the game for those that may not know what this game is about.

This game is being developed by Ganbarion who worked on Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the DS. Both of those didn't make it out of Japan most likely because of the cross overs in the game and the issues that presents. Pandora's Tower is their first original intellectual property. In Japan the games title is Pandora's Tower: Until I Return to Your Side. This is kinda important in the context of the game. In Europe and Australia there is no subtitle.

Here is the basic story for the game. Basically you have your hero Aeron and his friend Elena and there is a mysterious merchant named Mavda and a Tower. Elena is cursed and the Merchant Mavda gives Aeron the Orihicalcum Chain so he can use it to scale the Tower and to fight the monsters within the tower. Also it seems that Elena is cursed and her curse can cause her to die. The worse kind. However the monsters can slowly reverse the curse if you return to her. The balancing act is are you going to want to go back if you are inside the Tower and having fun slaying the monsters or will you do you best to go back to her and save her at every possible opportunity?

Gonna leave an Iwata Asks here.

Iwata Asks

I will likely go into the characters tomorrow.

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