Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pandora's Tower Day 2:Characters

Aeron is a 22 year old protaganist. He is voiced by Ryan Philpottin. He is a former soldier of Athens which I find interesting since this takes place some where in the real world somewhere in the past although it is more fantasy. He has to travel up the towers and traverse the 13 towers and do what he can to get items from the monsters and thus save our next character,

Elena is 18 years old and very interesting. She seems to be religious. She seems to be a great singer. Her English voice actress is Charlotte Sanderson. As the game progresses more of her story is revealed... The final main character of the game is the...

Friendly merchant Mavda. She is voiced by Ann Beach.  She gives Aeron the Oraclos or Orihicalcum Chain so she can help with climbing the tower and in helping fighting the foes in the tower and she helped the duo into the tower when Elena when she was cursed.

Finally I will leave you guys with a character trailer of the game. Yeah it is kinda old and it is in Japanese but it does have a lot of gameplay in it which happens to be the the next part that I will be focusing on. I will be going over basically everything you need to know about about the combat and controls.

See you guys next time.

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