Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pandora's Tower Day 4:Music and Sound

First off I want to talk about who does the music for the game. Just their names and what they do for the game. I may get into them in a later post.
Yuichi Hirose does the Arrangement and Acoustics for the game.
 Takayuki Kobara does the Sound Composition,Arrangement, Music Direction,Acousitics for the game.
Finally Wataru Suzuki does the Music Direction.

These are from the Japan OST and they are really stunning.

This one is really sad and solemn and near the end it does slightly give a little hope to the player that you can pull through.

This one makes me feel that I am a small piece in a grand Tower in the world just looking to see what you can do to get up to the top of the Tower. 

This one gives me the feeling of unease and and that anything can go wrong. The creepy and unease someone feels when someone is watching you. 

I like how this one just hits you and never lets up. It is riveting and suspenseful and it gets your heart pumping!
Finally I will wrap up with the two main ones that I think most everyone are familar with. 

This is the song that Elena sings at the beginning of the game. It is very nice and beautiful and soothing. A very stark contrast to most music in the game. 

 The other song is the main theme for the game. 

These are just a small sample of the music in the game. There is 34 in the game. I will be focusing on the major developers for the game next because the rest of the stuff I have on my list kinda delve into spoiler territory.  

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