Sunday, April 1, 2012

Site chat is not going to happen today at 6PM EST.

Oh behalf of our new overlord Michael Pachter there will be no site chat today. Sorry to say this but it seems he finds these site chats to be the glue for the site so he is slowly trying to take the site apart. It seems he wants to cause discord in our community so this it the best way to do it.

 Also here is a message from Michael Pachter. I will put it after the break. Might want to read it.

Eh hmm This is Maxi and there is actual site chat today at 6PM EST. I think I am enjoying today to much right now.  Topics include what to believe on April Fools day on gaming sites. Any famous things that happened that were actually announced and were real on April Fools day. Also anything that comes to mind in the chat. Any topic is fine to bring up.


Maxi said...

Okay people I am in the site chat right now.

Matt said...

By the time my ISP stopped playing an April Fools prank on me the chat was over and done with...

On top of that and missing last Wednesday I may end up missing this Wednesday as well. I'll be at my sisters house sitting but if I can get on I'll try to join you all. Otherwise everybody have a good week and I'll catch you next weekend!