Friday, May 20, 2011

Violent games have an effect on kids?

I was reading an article over at Gamasutra. [link]

Basically it discussed the possible validity of the evidence presented for California State Senator Leland Yee's gaming law.

Now, I do not think that video games really have any affect on making minors violent. I think as long as the kids are level headed and don't have other issues that games won't affect them. For those that have issues, video games are a scapegoat for any violent incidents.

What are your thoughts on this issue?


Supa said...

I'm pretty sure it's been proven time and time again that video games do not have a significant influence on a child's behavior.

This has been restated so many times, but too much of anything is bad. Perhaps playing COD and GTA for 7 days a week, 6 hours a day, could make kids less sentimental to when they see violence on TV. But that is about the extent of it I believe. In no way does it make them want to do that stuff, most should be able to differentiate between the real world, and the virtual one. Despite become less emotional when it comes to tragedies.

We've been surrounded by a culture who is so prone to viewing violent movies and games. It's gotten to the point where this generation is not shocked when they see violence taking place in public. They shrug it off, but at the same time, know it's not right.

Wow... I talked too much, probably missed the entire point of this article no?

NinSage said...

My father works in copy writing and my mother teaches media literacy. I've discussed this topic since I was in grade school.

Media does not lead to violence. At worst, media can influence the manner in which violence is carried out (imitating wrestling moves, or mimicking shooting sprees).

But, the tendency for violence rests solely in the mind of the individual.

Some children may have psychological disorders that predispose them to violence, regardless of parenting. Otherwise, proper parental guidance is all that is necessary to avoid violent behavior.