Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Kong

Who's the most bad-ass of them all?

That would be ME! Because at roughly 1:30 AM I finally completed the Mirror Mode in Donkey Kong Country Returns by thwarting those g-darn moles in level 4!!

For those unaware, the Mirror Mode in DKCR turns the levels backwards, does not allow the use of Diddy Kong and, oh yea, one hit kills you!

Most of the levels were not much of a problem. But certain bosses (those moles!!) and certain temples (no checkpoints) became real challenges.

So, yea, challenge complete. My reward?!!? Some mediocre concept art. YAY!

PS - I know Mop_it_up has also completed Mirror Mode, but she's gotten enough praise lately, right?? ^_^

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Supa said...

Well well well, congrats Boss.

(Pssst btw, I need help making links open in new tabs.. I thought I was doing the code right, but I keep getting a 404 lol.)