Friday, May 20, 2011

RUMOR: Project Café controller to have its own camera?

There’s a rumor floating around as of late, that the next controller in Nintendo’s console future will incorporate a built-in camera.

A source, supposedly close to Nintendo, reported to Develop-online that the console's controller will have a front-facing camera system, said to be for in-game images.

The source reiterated on the reported six-inch touch-screen, confirming it, and even suggested that it might be paired with its own stylus.

Pocket-lint believes that the controller will be very similar to the 3DS itself, even boldly stating that they believe the 3DS on its own will be able to correspond with the new Nintendo console, similarly to the way the PSP already does with the PS3.

Does this mean that perhaps even as it's own standalone controller?

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NinSage said...

I hope the 3DS-as-a-controller is true.

I would be thrilled to just have added value for my (future) 3DS instead of having to buy yet another video game controller.

Plus, I get the feeling Nintendo is just going to use the WM+ as its next-gen motion input. So, we're all set on that front.

All things considered, I would be extremely pleased if those two rumors were confirmed at E3.