Sunday, May 29, 2011

Site chat tonight at 6pm EST

Since last week was a great success we are doing it again this week. We might be playing some games tonight if people are up for it. Also I found my DS Lite last night so I may be playing that in the chat.
Hope everyone can come.


Maxi said...

Me,Arkia,and Gwaihir Scout are in the chat right now.

Lux said...

Sorry guys i tried to hop on tonight but had other stuff i needed to attend, Maybe next time :/

Maxi said...

Fair enough Lux.

Anonymous said...

hey all, it's Sage.

Sorry I couldn't make Sunday's chat. Sunday's aren't usually good for me, but I'm glad they work so well for everyone else!

I'm actually out of town for Memorial Day weekend. I'll be back later tonight. Looks like things are going well!

Have fun!