Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Year's (lame) Costume

So I've had some pretty awesome Halloween costumes over the years. Some of the better ones came long after I stopped going door-to-door for candy.

As far as game-related costumes, I was the Luigi to my shorter friend's Mario when I was in college. I was Link two years ago when my wife was Zelda. Last year I was Professor Layton and my wife was "Lucia" ... Luke's long-lost sister =P

This year we had family over Saturday night. It was pretty awesome. We ate finger foods, watched "The King of Kong" and played the Monty Python edition of a card game called "Fluxx."

Today, Amy and I just planned to watch old Halloween specials and chow down on some quality candy. Without much need for costumes, we just threw some (lame ones) together. Amy had some temporary tattoos plastered on her face. I cut out and donned a paper crown. Then I carried around a Kirby plush all night. Can anyone guess who I was this year? ^_^


What were some of you this year? Did anyone actually get out for trick-or-treating?

Anyone have any awesome game-related costumes over the years?


Maxi said...

You were King DeDeDe. As for me I didn't go trick or treating or wore anything.

I don't think I have ever wore a gaming related costume. Probably the closest would be when I was The Riddler around the time of the Batman Forever games coming out.

NinSage said...

"You were King DeDeDe."

Close but not quite!

Any other thoughts? =)

Mop_it_up said...

C'mon, the answer has to be Prince Fluff!

NinSage said...

bingo!! give the Mop a prize!

Toad: "Your prize is in another website"

Greg Meyer said...

I went as the dark version of myself to reference Link and Scott Pilgrim. In the end, I ended up looking like the Dark Gary version of myself than the other two. If only I had kettle corn on me.

Benjamin Fennell said...

I haven't really done anything for Halloween in ages. We barely get any trick-or-treaters these days as well, so I just gave out some candy and hung out with family. I did see a Nintendo-related costume on one of my shows this past week, though. One of the leads on this past week's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia dressed up as Luigi in the episode's focal Halloween flashbacks.

coffeewithgames said...

My wife and I went out this year with our son.

Saturday night, we dressed our son up in his dragon costume, but before leaving I snuck my old Jedi robe into my backpack, and strangely came to excellent use.

We went to one of our malls, for a trick-or-treat event Saturday night with some other friends. We had gone into a store, and as we were leaving in our normal clothes...I saw two guys walk by in Stormtrooper armor. They didn't see us, so I called out, "Are y'all part of the 501st?"
The guy replied, "Yea. How did you know?"

I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, and know about the fans and the 501st Legion; so anywho, we chatted for a bit, and I ended up getting a picture with them while I was wearing the Jedi robe.

Sunday night, we dressed our son up again, and brought the candy we had bagged up, so we could bring candy to our neighbors, while bringing our son around the neighborhood, and he had a blast rattling all the candy paper.

NinSage said...

awesome tale, coffee, thanks for sharing it with us!

I'm only a padawan when it comes to Star Wars fandom, but as far as wars go ... it's definitely one of the best =)

honorable mention: advance wars, geometry wars

Gwaihir Scout said...

Due to eliminating my normal costumes for a Halloween party for one reason or another, I simply cut an 'H' out of a soda can, taped it to my forehead, and went as a Red Dwarf hologram of myself. Only one person there got it, but it meant I didn't have to spend money.

I've never had a gaming costume. If my hair were its original length, I might have been able to spike it sufficiently to go as Phoenix Wright. No chance now.

Someone at the party did have a good Lara Croft costume, though.