Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who's JonPonikvar? Dunno. But he's smart.

Saw this on GameTrailers. It's a response to the (rave) review GT gave regarding Kirby's Epic Yarn. So here's what a one "JonPonikvar" had to say...
JonPonikvar said: Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.The Wii is like the artistic third brother in a family of jocks. The two bigger, stronger brothers (PS3 & 360) are both star athletes, regularly outperforming each other with more impressive games. Meanwhile the Wii stays in the art room inside the school, showcasing an incredible level of artistic ability to balance what little physical strength he has. While his brothers are out riling up the crowds with each game they bring to the field, he remains diligent, creating masterpieces of more simplistic beauty that garner the attention of a crowd all his own.

I've had similar thoughts like this for a while now. Perhaps you have too? And sure, it is a generalization with several notable exceptions. But, regardless, I think it's a darn good analogy.

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