Friday, October 15, 2010


1. I've finally perfected the graphics along the left side of the site. Enjoy their awesomeness.

2. There is a new desktop background in the Extras section for "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates." (I'm on a FFCC kick!)

Also, I redid the SMG2 background... it's exponentially better.

3. I think I've fixed the problem with spammers joining the forums. Time will tell.

4. I may be able to incorporate a site chat directly into the forums that would also work on the Wii. That would be cool because A) it would be convenient for forum users and B) that convenience would likely increase chat usage.

5. The first edition of the web comic strip "Highly Deaf" should be up next week. Watch for it!

6. Good night.

1 comment:

Benjamin Fennell said...

1. Very cool, lots of good picks for the games used. :)

2. Awesome. I've been pretty hooked on Crystal Bearers the past couple of weeks now. Still need to finish Echoes of Time. Never played Ring of Fates, been debating whether to pick it up at some point or not since a friend's said it uses the same basic setting as Echoes. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's done with Crystal Chronicles on the 3DS after how strong the DS and Wii iterations of the series have been this gen.

3. Good luck with that. Gotta get more conversation going on there - I've just been dumping the occasional monolithic text wall.

4. Useful! I keep missing out on chats, but that's in part due to the weird hours I've been keeping lately.

5. I'll look forward to that.