Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Site Chat Tonight! and Caffeinated Hunting

"CoffeeWithGames" runs a blog of the same name. I've always found his blog interesting, insightful and informative. Well, Maxi and I connected with Coffee a few months ago and found a mutual desire to hunt monstrous things.

Coffee was cool enough to post some videos of these adventures and give a nice shout-out to our site in the process. So let me shout right back:

Check out CoffeeWithGames: [link]
Check out the CWG/NinTemple joint hunt: [link]


And don't forget, site Chat tonight! 8PM EST! If you wanna just talk that's cool, and if you want to suggest a game for people to play that's cool too!

We'll see you there!


Maxi said...

Gonna be watching a movie right now but I'll be back for the chat.

Anonymous said...


i suggest fighting games, people will be in and out of chat frquently that way

Anonymous said...

or handhelds

Maxi said...

Getting into the chat now.Hope for some company.