Monday, April 9, 2012

Pandora's Tower follow-up

Pandora's Tower is in the GameStop computer system, but... it's been there since August.

The GameStop manager who told me Pandora's Tower was recently confirmed for North America was not in today and will not be working again until Wednesday.  Thus, I'll visit again on Wednesday to covertly record confirmation from the source of our previous report.

As for today, I made due with a run-of-the-mill employee to see if he knew anything.  I'm uploading the covertly recorded and thus highly cool, yet mostly useless, audio so that you all can assess it for yourselves.  As you will hear, the good news is that Pandora's Tower is listed in a part of their system which apparently indicates forthcoming release - however - it's been listed there since August.  Which means that it is probably only there as some kind of vestigial listing from when the game was first getting buzz... right?

But then, if the latest update is from August 2011, why did the manager say he got confirmation just the other day? So, I'll give a final report on Wednesday and I apologize in advance if this was just a confused GS manager and a big ol' false alarm.

Note: I used a Super Mario Bros warp-pipe sound to cover the two parts of the recording that might identify anything specific about the employees.  I don't want anyone to get in trouble!

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Maxi said...

I find this very interesting. I kind think that the people that most people that that talked to the Gamestop employees were either not asking the right questions or the Gamestop employees were not digging that deep. Can't wait for your next report.