Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Confirmation on Pandora's Tower Coming to NA GameStops

As promised, I followed up with the local GameStop manager regarding the release of Pandora's Tower in the North American territory.

The short version is that GameStop is scheduled to being taking pre-orders for Pandora's Tower around June 20th - when The Last Story goes on sale.  To hear the whole exchange, check out the latest covert audio recording provided below.  Note: As luck would have it, I caught the manager right as he was heading to the bank on his break.  Did fate do us a solid? Perhaps...

If that's not confirmation I don't know what is! Rejoice Operation Rainfall! I think this makes us 3 for 3!


Maxi said...

I think I am hyperventilating here.

Anonymous said...

Seems like he didn't know exactly what he was talking about tho. Xseed bought publishing rights for last story and they had nothing to do with xeno. I hope he is right but its not enough just because of the misinformation he provided.

Maxi said...

We seem to be over on NWR now.

Mop_it_up said...

It's certainly no confirmation, given the stuff he got wrong and everything, but it is still a good sign, and better than the nothing we've had up to this point.

Nice job on the sleuthing, and getting your story picked up.

Anonymous said...

He had so many things wrong and he seemed a bit shaky. Not to mention that if he has it in his system, all GameStops would as well. Its a universal system not a local system. So I'm FOR NOW going to dub this as "false" until Nintendo of America themselves say something regarding it.

NinSage said...

I posted this in the GoNintendo comments but I think it could also help here...

I'll try to clarify a few things here since I wrote the piece/recorded the audio.

Yea, not everything the manager says is crystal clear. However...

A) If you listen, I sort of put the words about The Last Story being a GameStop exclusive in his mouth. Even though I pay close attention to this stuff, in the moment of the conversation I made a mistake. It happens.

I don't think he really pays attention to gaming the way we do, it's just his job, so he didn't leap to correct me. But, I believe he does pay attention to his managerial emails, which is all that was important in this case.

B) A lot of folks are getting hung up on the assumption that the company he states "bought the rights" to all 3 games is a publisher.

At 1:44 in the recording I toss out the phrase "publisher" and he did not confirm or deny that's what he was referring to. In the world of business, I think "buying the rights" could refer to any number of entities, no?

I don't think the ONLY parties responsible for getting a game on a shelf are the devs, the pubs and the retailers.

C) Perhaps I'm just an optimist, but even looking objectively at the facts... so what if he was confused on some details? When someone is shot, witnesses often report different competing versions of reality. Regardless, they all know someone was shot.

In this gruesome analogy, the presence of PT instructions in his corporate inbox is like the shooting. Since he DOESN'T seem to pay close attention to gaming, the fact that he pulled the name PT out of his brain, as opposed to say, Ninja Bread Man 2, tells me its for real.

The fact that he said the same thing last Saturday tells me that he wasn't just high on meth one of these two visits. =)


In the end, everyone is entitled to their interpretation of the facts!! Just keep this in mind when you're making your pre-order on or around June 20th ^_^