Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanking Nintendo of America and XSeed and Mistwalker.

Okay as most of you know by now it has been confirmed by Reggie that Xseed is bringing The Last Story to North America as confirmed in the NOA Nintendo Direct. _________________________________________________ Now as the post below this one shows it has lots of contact info to NOA. OPRainfall will still be going through with this BUT they will thank them instead for bringing it over for at least cordninating all this. _________________________________________________ If you are a tweeter like I am like me and want to thank Xseed for doing this they are over here XSeed's twitter They are publishing the game. _________________________________________________ Mistwalker is the developer for the game. They have a twitter and you can thank them over here for making this great game. Mistwalker's twitter _________________________________________________ Finally my thoughts on this...This has been a great success and I can't wait to hear about more about The Last Story from people here. I'm looking at you Rocket. I think that for now we should just relish this moment for a bit then move forward and getting Pandora's Tower here. Let me know what you are thinking here in the comments.

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