Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PHASE V - The Last Story PARTY TIME!

Okay OPRainfall has entered Phase 5. So here is the deal.
 Phase 5 Last Story

IF YOU LIVE IN AMERICA: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Let XSEED know how excited you are! Follow XSEED on Facebook and say "thanks" Follow XSEED on Twitter @XSEEDGames and say "thanks" "Like" the OFFICIAL Facebook page for The Last Story Join the Official XSEED Forum __________________________________________________ 2. Help us create OFFICIAL Wikis for the game on IGN (along with Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora's Tower) We will release more details later today (I'll edit this later) __________________________________________________ 3. Call Nintendo of America Customer Service JUST SAY THANKS for The Last Story Please use one of these numbers to reach NoA customer service: 1-800-633-3236 (General Office) 1-800-255-3700 (Customer Service) ___________________________________________________ 4. EMAIL Nintendo of America TELL THEM THANKS! There are two methods to email Nintendo of America: Use their webform: NOA webform

 Email them directly: ___________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: If you have already sent emails to Nintendo of America regarding Xenoblade, The Last Story, and/or Pandora's Tower, YOU MAY BE ON AN EMAIL BLACKLIST BY NINTENDO. YOU WILL NEED TO SET UP AN ALTERNATE EMAIL ACCOUNT. Doing so is very simple and only requires a few minutes of your time. A few sites that provide free, web-based email services that you can use for this campaign are: Gmail (by Google) Yahoo Mail Microsoft Live Mail and more! ___________________________________________________ 5. COMMENT & TWEET Nintendo of America TELL THEM THANKS! We will be focusing on TWO sites run by Nintendo of America Facebook -
_______________________________Nintendo's Facebook ____________________ Twitter - (tweet @NintendoAmerica) Nintendo of America's Twitter_____________________________________________________ Full list of social media sites run by Nintendo of America: Social sites run by Nintendo

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU LIVE IN EUROPE, OCEANIA, OR SOUTH AFRICA: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUY THE GAME!! You can buy the Limited Edition from these retailers: Zavvi thehut NCSX Tesco You can buy the Standard Edition from these retailers: GAME Gamestation Zavvi ALSO: Post unboxing videos and Let's Play videos and share them with us Post your own user reviews and leave comments on the reviews of others After spending one hour or more, go to the Nintendo Channel and rate the game Be sure to thank Nintendo of Europe by sending an email to or if you use Twitter, you can send a tweet to @NintendoUK and/or @NintendoEurope --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have fun, keep it clean, and stay classy, raindrops.

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