Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hulu Plus is now on your Wii

Early this morning I woke up and I heard this humming sound and sure enough I checked and I had a message on my Wii. I don't a subscription for Hulu but I am currently looking on their site for the list of shows they offer. There is some movies and shows on your Wii if you don't have a subcription for Hulu. Currently watching the Super Size Me movie. Anyway go check your Wii and the shop channel for it. Also it is free and you can even gift it to others for free. The subscription for Hulu is just $7.99.

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Gwaihir Scout said...

Well, that explains the glowiness. I'll stick with Netflix for now.

When you're done with Super Size Me, you should check out Fat Head, about a guy who *loses* weight eating only fast food, while poking holes in Super Size Me. It's pretty funny. It's also free on Hulu, or YouTube.