Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is in a name?

Well, with the weekend upon us we can take some time to reflect on E3 from a few days ago. I am going to be talking about the name that the next Nintendo console has been given by Nintendo. Wii U. First thought that comes to mind is that it is a Wii for you. Meaning that it is truly for everyone. Now, personally the name of a system doesn't really matter to me. The games a system has will matter to me.

Now I have read that some people have issues with the name and that the name isn't that good to put it mildly. Are you among those people or are you like me and the name isn't an issue?


NinSage said...

Personally, I know that the games are going to be incredible and that I'll be purchasing this system pretty darn close to launch.

But the name? No. It's bad.

It's going to confuse a loooot of consumers and it doesn't make our lives as "gamers" any easier.

Nintendo has a chance to change their perception among "traditional" gamers with this console, but the name makes this an uphill battle right from the start. And that's a shame.

Quite plainly, they could have done a lot better and I'm a little disappointed they didn't.

Again, the system itself? Bad ass.

Maxi said...

Alright got a suggestion for a new name for the console?

EV said...

I haven't liked the name of a console 90's at the earliest. Console names always sound dumb when you first hear them then you get used to them and by then nobody cares anymore.

vgMastersClub said...

First thing that comes to my mind is Wii University.

Honestly, it will grow on gamers and eventually it won't be an issue. Just like Playstation Vitamins. lol