Saturday, April 16, 2011

Horizon Riders, 3DS and Wii 2 hype.

So, I was out of town last week and didn't bring my most recent issue of Nintendo Power (April). Now that I'm back, I've started reading through it and saw a game I'd never heard of before, a WiiWare title called "Horizon Riders."

Basically, it's built like your standard Sin & Punishment rail shmup (short for "shoot 'em up" for the uninitiated). However, this game has one unique twist. A twist that I have been clamoring for since I first tried Wii Fit... a "traditional" game (no sports, no fitness) with high action intensity (sorry, Super Monkey Ball) that uses the Balance Board!!

I specifically remember playing the downhill ski portion of Wii Fit and commenting: "now let me just point and shoot things with the wiimote and we'll really be on to something!!" Well, Horizon Riders seems poised to do just that. You steer your sci-fi dude (or dudette) with the Balance Board, and point'n'shoot with the Wiimote. Of course, if Motion Controls are still something you want to keep to a minimum, you don't need to use the Balance Board to play the game.

Here's a trailer:

I'm not sure when this game is coming out. Nintendo Power said it might even be out by the time I'm reading this but that's not the case. Anyone find a release date? I can't wait to (have time to) play this game!!


I played PilotWings Resort at Best Buy a few weeks ago and found the 3DS experience to be "nifty." Nothing that blew me away. Well, last night I was in a GameStop that happened to have SF4 3D on the demo unit. I have had zero interest in this game for the same reasons why I had zero interest when the game landed on consoles a while back. But, regardless of the content, the 3D effect was amazing! All I can say is it worked flawlessly. I had the slider all the way up and it was just so visually pleasing. I'm not sure what Capcom did or why my experience was so different (perhaps the lighting in Best Buy was too harsh? perhaps the screen was too grimy?), but if that is the potential of glasses-free 3D, then I think we may have something here.

Of course, all the "hardcore" gaming outlets seem to think the 3DS is floundering at market so... I guess Nintendo just effed up again!


Lastly, dear gaming media, I know you need hits on your site. But the Wii 2 rumor hype is out of control. Please stop. Thanks!

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Maxi said...

Horizon Riders looks interesting.It is the type of game I have been waiting for for the Wii.

The 3DS I haven't got yet but the games look fun.Most people I know who have tried it are having fun with it.