Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Pandora's Tower trailer and details

- game features thirteen towers
- two primary attacks: chain and sub weapons
- aim the Wiimote at the screen and your pointer will turn red when you can interact with something via your chain
- when you grab/tug on something, a yellow gauge builds u
- the higher the gauge, the stronger the attack power
- chain can be powered-up by defeating bosses as well
- equip one sub-weapon at a time
- use the chain and sub-weapons together
- sub-weapons are used via button presses
- start the game off with just a sword, but gain a dual sword later on
- gain materials to strengthen your sub-weapons

It looks pretty fun. The mix of chains and sub weapons should make a fun battle system.


Greg Meyer said...

It reminds me of a 3D Castlevania. I haven't played the real 3D ones, but that's what comes to my mind.

Maxi said...

Yeah that is what came to mind with me as well.It is an interesting combat system and the music sounds pretty good.

NinSage said...

holy cow! that looks amazing!!

sorta like 3D Castlevania... but with much more awesome.

NOA better be getting ready to bring all these games stateside or else I'm gonna have to learn 2 things:

1. Japanese
2. how to hack (but not brick) my Wii

EV said...

Looks like it could be almost Zelda meets Castlevania. These kinds of games are very difficult to know what to expect from just vids like this though.

Hopefully platforming and puzzle solving are on equal footing with the combat and hopefully the combat doesn't come down to a bunch of over-complicated combos.

Just like Disaster DoC, Another Code R, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade, Tales of Graces and Last Story before it though...I won't hold my breath for ever getting to play it.

Maxi said...

Well Xenoblade is coming out in Europe so there I think would be more likely hood of these RPGs are coming out in the states.