Thursday, April 7, 2011

One year anniversary game day for Monster Hunter Tri

On April 20th we will be having a game day for Monster Hunter Tri. It will be all day. The room will be Greed 4, Gate 27, City 27. If there are more than four people, we will use City 28, 29 and so on for any extra hunters. We will also be hunting with folks from

If you are interested, please visit the forums and check out the Monster Hunter Tri topic in the games section. [link]


coffeewithgames said...

Why does it have to be on a Wednesday! Perhaps I can hope on at some point that day though.

I'll be playing later tonight, though I'm just playing the single-player campaign right now.

Maxi said...

I'll look for you later tonight Coffee.

Greg Meyer said...

Not sure if I can make it, as it's close to the end of the semester. If I don't have anything, I'll try to hop on.

Maxi said...

We will probably be talking about this in the chat come Wednesday at 8pm EST. So far at NWR we have 7 people signed up. 4 other than me,Mop it up and Ninsage. So we will likely need 2 rooms. Sage will likely set up a game night topic on the forums so everybody here can sign up that wants to can.