Sunday, November 21, 2010

Calling it Now

As you may know, my wife and I are currently working through the Green Stars in Galaxy 2. It's been very fun and challenging finding and reaching those little green devils.

So I was thinking about Mario and the franchise and I'm just going to call this prediction now: Mario Galaxy 3 will mark the triumphant return of the beloved Raccoon suit as a power-up! They'll probably do a whole thing with debuting the suit in the 3rd original game so why not bring it back in the 3rd new game.

Yes, I know there aren't usually even sequels in the franchise anymore, let alone a third installment. But I just think the Galaxy series is going so well and has such limitless potential that I wouldn't be surprised with a third installment.

When will it happen? Obviously I haven't a shred of a clue. But I'm thinking it would be a launch title for the next Nintendo platform several years from now. Just my hunch.



Zero Tolerance said...

Mario Galaxy 3?!? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

CoffeewithGames said...

I could see it happening, and I think a Mario game at the next console release would be awesome.

Zelda will be out early 2011, so I don't think it will be a Zelda title.
Perhaps a "Luigi's Mansion 2" or some new series, but I think Nintendo will launch systems now with a main franchise...Zelda or Mario.

I could see the next Wii system, launching with "New Super Mario Bros. HD", and the game perhaps having online multi-player...but that's probably more wishful thinking, than anything.

NinSage said...

I would LOVE either a Luigi's Mansion 2 or a NSMB w/ online.

I disagree with designing games that aren't any fun once the servers shut down, but I think something like NSMB, Epic Yarn, Kong Returns, maybe even Sonic Colors (remember the co-op w/ Tails in Sonic 2!?) w/ online would be such a blissful no-brainer!!

Benjamin Fennell said...

Luigi's Mansion 2 has been pretty much hinted at for the 3DS already, actually - the game's original designer's talked about how they were playing with it in 3D in the past and how he loved the idea of either porting it or making a sequel on the 3DS. Odds are good we'll see more Luigi's Mansion goodness sooner than we realize. :)