Monday, November 29, 2010

Cool Chat. Help Kids. Warm Feelings.

Nintendo World Report is holding a live chat for the sake of Child's Play charity on Saturday.

I can't imagine any of our readers aren't familiar with NWR, but maybe some aren't hyper aware of this charity effort.

Check the link, there are several ways to help out and it's for a very cool cause.

Nintendo World Report - RFN: Doin' It Live... for the Kids!

Who else will be there??


Maxi said...

I don't really listen to podcasts since I don't really have the means to but this is for a good cause and it should be promoted. Did NWR contact you Sage or did you come across this and posted this here to bring more attention to it?

NinSage said...

No, I just heard the podcast and they were like "if you have a gaming blog, please share the link."

So, I did!!

But it makes me happy that you think it even possible that THEY approached US about it =P