Thursday, November 4, 2010

High Demolition #002 - Snoop Told DirecTV G4 Was Hot

Ok, I don't plan to churn these out this frequently in the future, but issue #002 is now available in the "Extras" section. (And of course, via the convenient thumbnail below.)

I'd like to join the rest of the online Nintendo fanbase and take this opportunity to kick G4 while it's down. It's just karma, G4, perhaps you'll learn from this whole mess!



Benjamin Fennell said...

Right on. G4's always been pretty godawful. The only show I ever found watchable on there was Code Monkeys, and of course they pretty much sprinted to axe that after only two seasons.

Mop_it_up said...

Not bad, but it could've used a little more subtlety.

Anonymous said...

keep going. its fun and a good creative outlet.

as for g4,

I always wanted to watch it, but every time I turned it on I would just change the channel.

Gwaihir Scout said...

I'm with Mop, that was less subtle than some political cartoons. But it was still pretty funny and I've never even seen G4, so thumbs up anyway.