Monday, June 21, 2010

The Hunt Rages On

So MH3 has been out for two months now.

Here's the deal: I'm still completely obsessed with it. Seems like everyone else is too. This past week I've had some excellent quests with Mop, Maxi, Luxray, hoseph and other members of the WiiAreDeep community.

I know E3 has taken everyone's attention from the present to the future, but at least we have awesome gaming to pass the time until the future becomes the present.

How has MH3 been for you? Is it what you were expecting? More? Less?


Maxi said...

As this is my first Monster Hunter game I am really enjoying it. It can be addicting to play online though. At this point I played 58 hours.Most of it online. I should play more offline.Haven't really played it outside of the first 3 days I had it.
Very enjoyable to play it with everybody.

Anonymous said...

look at the MH stats on the Nintendo Channel..



Anonymous said...

I was playing constantly for the first couple weeks, but Galaxy 2 stole me away big time. But MH3 really kicks ass, awesome game.